Tips On The Proper Use Of Gadgets For Skin Care

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Do you know that skin care is more than cleaning your hands, washing your face, and applying moisturizer? Most women and men are becoming comfortable using essences, toners, serum, oils, and masks. Today, the eastern tradition of jade rollers and stones is now scaling up to space-looking LED machines and gadgets. Skin care becomes more quick and viable.

Since we have plenty of new gadgets for skin care on the market, I figured it may be helpful to have tips for proper use of gadgets for skin care. Which ones are you using?

Facial Massage tool

The different variations of facial massage tools:

  • The facial roller that looks like miniature paint rollers
  • Massage wands that are cylindrical
  • Gua Sha stones are plat curve-edge facial massaging tool

All have the same purpose, which is to give your face the relief from tension, boost circulation, reduce wrinkles, and lift your skin.

How to properly use facial massaging tools

  • Facial rollers

Roll up then down jawline to firm up the sagging jowls. Go up towards the cheekbones to massage away tension and to contour. The small end-part of the roller can roll under eyes to help increase circulation and reduce puffiness. Move up the face and roll in between the eyebrows to relax. Hence, don’t forget to roll the neck area. Move the roller from the center towards outside of your face.”

  • Gua Sha

Position the gua sha tool close to parallel with your skin. Place the fingers of your hand close to the edge of the device. Gently sweep the machine up and out toward the perimeter of your face. In each stroke, wiggle the means to help release additional tension. 

  • Facial Wands
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Use it in small and circular movements over your forehead and along with the brow bones. Move into temples and down the jawline for releasing tension and lymphatic drainage. 

Micro-needling tools

Micro-needling is poking holes in the top layer of the skin with needles. It encourages the production of skin-plumping collagen and elastin. It can smooth your skin and enjoy tone-evening benefits. If you are applying skin care products, it can help fast absorption. 

Since we have plenty of new gadgets for skin care on the market, I figured it may be helpful to have tips for proper use of gadgets for skin care. Which ones are you using?

How to properly use a micro-needling device

Use micro-needling not more than three times a week with a needle length of .25mm. Use an antioxidant serum or hyaluronic acid.

Microcurrent devices

It helps the treatment of damaged tissues and muscles. The emission of electric current will tone the skin by energizing the cells and stimulating the collagen. 

How to properly use microcurrent devices

Make sure that you know the type of microcurrent device you are buying. Some equipment uses light therapy and electro-current technology, while others use special conducive gel. Therefore it is essential that the dc ammeter shunt will prevent and avoid electric shocks while using these gadgets in your face. Hence, it avoids you to meet unfortunate events that will damage your skin instead of making it beautiful.

LED Devices

LED devices are the gadgets that you commonly see in Instagrams where people wear full-faced masks with glowing red or blue lights. LED lights can penetrate your skin and cause different skin reactions. The reactions could be fighting acne-causing bacteria, plumping the skin, and reduce wrinkles. 

How to properly use the LED Devices

The frequency of usage of the LED device will depend on your purpose, especially if you want to treat something. If you are treating acne marks, then you need to do sessions consistently. But if you’re going to address a blemish, using it once will be fine.

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