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Sharing a Room with a Big Age Gap: Making it Work

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Having more than one child throws up many challenges. One of which can be space. Many of us at some point find ourselves expecting a new baby, without having a spare bedroom ready to be converted into a nursery. When this happens, you can be faced with a tough choice. Do you move house? Or do you try to find a way to create a welcoming and safe space for a baby in the home that you’ve already got?

If you have children close together, it can be easy for them to share. Kids sharing a bedroom can be great. It can cement their bond, and you can even find that they comfort each other at night and sleep better. Even mixed gender pairings are fine sharing a room for the first few years. But, what about when the age gap is bigger? A few years might seem a lot when the youngest is a baby, but over the years, as they grow closer, these years fade to nothing. But, if the gap is five years or more, it can always be noticeable. You might struggle to imagine your six-year-old sharing with a baby. But, it can work if you want it to

Find the Right Beds

When it comes to room sharing, getting the furniture right is essential. Bunk beds are a good idea in principle, but your baby won’t be old enough to sleep in a proper bed for a while yet, and your older child will soon grow out of the idea of bunks. Cots and cot beds from Cuckooland can bed a better idea. A cot bed grows with your child, giving you options in the coming years. For your older child, consider a bed with added storage to maximize your space.

Separate the Room

Having more than one child throws up many challenges. One of which can be space. Here are some tips to help you make sharing a room work.


If the room is large enough, dividing the space to give each child, a private area can be useful, and it will reduce the need for them to put a piece of tape down the middle when they fight. Use large shelving, wardrobes or a long desk to separate the room while adding functionality.

Add a Communal Space

Separating the room is great, it gives each child their own space and privacy as they get older. But, you don’t want to separate them completely. Having a communal area will help them to bond. This shared space could be a reading corner with bean bags, a double desk to work at, or a large sofa where they can sit together.

Consider Converting Another Room

It’s important to remember, that whatever you decide now doesn’t have to be forever. Your baby will sleep with you for the first few months anyway, and you can always make changes later on. You might want to consider converting another space in your home if moving is out of the question. Babies don’t need much space, and teenagers might prefer a smaller bedroom, that used to be a small office or box room, to sharing with a younger sibling. Make it work for now, but keep an open mind moving forward.

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