Creating Your Dream Kitchen 5 Top Tips

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Food is an integral part of your daily routine as it’s something you need to function every day. This easily makes the kitchen one of the most popular places in the house to visit. In light of this, explore ways that you can create a kitchen that you’ll be excited to see every day. Try not to let the cost of renovating your kitchen entirely deter you. There are ways that you can do it without spending more than you would like to. It’s about choosing smart renovations and also embracing DIY in the process. Below, you’re going to find 5 top tips on creating your dream kitchen. 

Having a well laid out kitchen can make cooking more enjoyable. Here you'll find 5 top tips on creating your dream kitchen.

Go Bold 

Color can make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. Think about going for something bold, especially if you’re usually prone to using moderate or reserved colors. If you want your kitchen to feel lively or vibrant, there are specific colors you should use. Red, yellow, and green are ideal colors to give your kitchen an added shine. Other color scheme ideas for the kitchen are to use neutral colors and introduce pops of color in non-permanent ways like coordinating window treatments. 

Change Your Cabinets 

The cabinets in your kitchen could also contribute to making your dream come true. If you’ve had the present ones for some time, start looking at new and modern designs on cabinetdoorsnmore.com. There you’ll find custom cabinet door styles that should compliment your kitchen. You can choose from styles such as raised panel, recess panel, or slab to mention a few. 

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Update Flooring 

The flooring in your kitchen can be updated, and it doesn’t have to be as tasking as it seems. Look at a range of different kitchen designs and make a decision regarding what would help create the perfect look. You may find it interesting to know that hardwood flooring is no longer the most popular choice of material for kitchen spaces. Engineered flooring such as engineered wood, laminate, and vinyl happen to be taking the lead. Some things to keep in mind when choosing to floor are durability and how slip resistant the flooring is as well.  

Create Storage 

Storage space is an important factor when designing your dream kitchen. You tend to use a range of tools in the kitchen, so having somewhere to put them is key. A unique storage idea is to store items above the window. Some items you could put there are plates, bowls, and art. Also, try floating shelves on either side of a window to put your glassware on. Lastly, make the best use of vertical spaces, and if you’re worried about reaching items up there, you can always get a kitchen ladder to help with that. 


The lighting in your kitchen could make it look and feel more expensive, so choose it wisely. The first tip is to use lighting on multiple levels. For instance, you could combine under-cabinet lights for task lighting with a pendant to create a focal point. Your general lighting should be located directly over walkways, sinks, and cooktops.

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  1. Great ideas. Being happy with your kitchen is very important to be a creative cook. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty


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