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Sexual Personal Purity Isn’t Enough

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to review this product. All opinions are honest, and I was not required to post a positive review.

I’m a big advocate for helping teenagers and young adults understand the importance that sex plays a part in their life. Part of being an advocate for that is ensuring that my own personal purity is in the right place. So, I am thrilled I got the chance to review Personal Purity Isn’t Enough: The Long-Forgotten Secret to Making Scriptural Entertainment Choices.

About Personal Purity Isn’t Enough: The Long-Forgotten Secret to Making Scriptural Entertainment Choices

Personal Purity Isn’t Enough is an online course designed to help people 15 and older to deal with their entertainment viewing choices. This Christian online sex purity course allows people to examine their entertainment viewing habits in a Biblical sense. This course covers seeing our stumbling blocks, violations of privacy and sexuality, the gospel solutions, and objections to the whole concept.

When you purchase this course you also get the Overcoming the Lusts You (Hate to) Love course for free. This course is designed to help you break your sinful habits.

Sometimes we think our own sexual personal purity is enough. What if there's more we can do to help everyone achieve personal purity?

My Review of Personal Purity Isn’t Enough

As a child, I was sexually abused, and as a result, sex had no meaning to me. I was forced to watch pornographic TV and read extremely erotic articles out loud with my abuser. I grew up thinking there was nothing wrong with all of the sex scenes I witnessed.

While I know not everyone has such an extreme view as myself; sex has been portrayed as something to take lightly in our society as a whole. There are sexual innuendos in almost every type of entertainment. Up till I made the Personal Purity Isn’t Enough course, I have to admit. I never paid it much attention.

This course provided me with a Biblical view of how watching sinful acts in movies/entertainment is just as wrong as performing the actions. By continuing to watch them, we are creating a society that will thrive under these conditions. In turn, we are harming the people who are in these industries. While I can see Cap’s point of view on this stance, I also feel that the actors/actresses also have the right to say NO. They make their own decisions based on what they are willing to do or not do.

Will I say that this course will keep me from watching series like Sweet Magnolias, which has just aired on Netflix, but yet, has premarital sexual innuendos in it, no. But I will say that I pay more attention to the type of things that were promoted while watching it. Also, I want to ensure that my kids also watch wholesome things.

This course has way of making a believer truly dig in and contemplate their entertainment activities in more detail. After all, we can only hold ourselves accountable for our actions. God is all knowing.

Overall, I would recommend that parents participate in this course with their teenagers. To me, I feel it’s an enlightening experience to go through this course. Plus, the movies he suggests are entertaining to boot.

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