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Five Tips for Pulling Off the Perfect Summer Proposal

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Summer has always been a pleasant time to let your fiancé know that you are willing to commit to her and live a life together. The fun, the weather, and the prospect of enjoying the summer holidays make it an easy way to get that, “Yes, I will!” than any other weather condition.

If you want your fiancé to go crazy over you, planning the perfect summer proposal is the best thing if you want her to experience an adrenaline rush like never before. While there are a lot of ways to make the event memorable, it can be best to think of unique strategies that would make the event sincere and as pleasant as possible.  Many men think the engagement process is over after the ring has been purchased.  While it can be difficult to find the right engagement ring, the ring is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Five Tips for Pulling Off the Perfect Summer Proposal will help you to have a proposal to remember. What made your proposal special?

Here are some tips to pull off a perfect summer proposal:

Think out of the box. Summer is the perfect season to propose to your loved one and can be a memorable experience. There are several ways to get her, “Yes. I will.” You can propose on the beach while you are surrounded by family or friends, you can pop the question during a music festival by proposing on stage with the help of event organizers. A good alternative would be to go on a camping trip with your family and friends and propose when you are all around the bonfire. This will be an exciting event that would be worth remembering.

Also, think about what your fiancé wants. Planning for the perfect proposal does not have to be as extravagant as you think. But you have to consider that this would be a special event for your loved one and is something that she would surely remember for the rest of her life. When planning, think if she is ready to commit and if you are confident enough that she would say yes. If you want, plan a public proposal so it will be more intimate and your fiancé would be utterly surprised.

Make it simple if you want. You do not have to make things too complicated to propose to your girl. A simple dinner can be a good way to propose to her and prove your sincerity. It doesn’t have to be as laudable as most people think, but something that would give a good impression to your girlfriend. Do not go overboard with little and mundane things like the perfect sunset. What’s important is you get your message across and that you are prepared to take care of your partner.

Get a professional photographer. It would be much better if a photographer can capture the special moment, so you have a lasting image of the memorable event.  If you don’t have a photographer in mind yet, you can always check out available professionals online and see if their service fit your plans, whether you go for a simple point-and-shoot or go big with equipment like that of  Pittsburgh grip and electric and capture your proposal in all the right angles.

It would be much better if a photographer can capture the special moment, so you have a lasting image of the memorable event. Tell a photographer to blend with the crowd so your fiancé would not get a clue as to what is going to happen.

Drop to one knee when proposing. Nothing beats the traditional way of how a gentleman pops that question. When you are ready for that perfect moment, add this one step in when you feel it is time to let her know. Simply drop to one knee and show her the engagement ring while popping the question “Will you marry me?”. This always gets a woman’s emotions and can be the icing on the cake of your proposal.

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