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Mindset Changer Wall & Tips

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I decided that in 2020 and beyond that I was going to drastically change my mindset. I have always believed that a person’s attitude makes a massive difference in how things turn out for them in their lives. For an extended period of time, I’ve been stuck in the WRONG mindset rut. I’m diligently working to change my mindset to primarily positive wavelengths. This prompted me to create a Mindset Changer Wall next to my desk.

Learn how you can change improve your life by following these mindset changer tips to reshape your mindset. Are you using any of them? #mindset #lifestylechanges #sharinglifesmoments
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The idea behind the Mindset Changer Wall started because of my adult coloring addiction. Sarah Titus created products that started the inspiration for this idea. In the frames are her Fun Flower Coloring Sheets. I added her Encouraging Planner Stickers on the wall as well. Then as I get my Mindset Notes from Kelly McCausey I add them to the wall as well.

I added the neat stickers I got while I was at the Facebook Boost event because as a blogger I’m always striving to reach my followers in a positive manner.

Here’s an Upclose Look

Learn how you can change improve your life by following these mindset changer tips to reshape your mindset. Are you using any of them? #mindset #lifestylechanges #sharinglifesmoments

It May Be Silly But It Works!

While the mindset changer wall seems silly for a 40-year-old to create, it does help! It constantly reminds me that while success may not be happening right now today, I know if I keep going it WILL happen. I’ve had success before, and I can have it again. These are my mindset affirmations that I repeat daily as I read them.

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I’m in the process of starting over in a way in my life right now. While I may have had Sharing Life’s Moments since 2016, I haven’t had a passion for it. It was merely a place holder and a way to finish out old obligations from my old blog. Now I’m on a mission to make changes in my life as well as many other’s lives as I can one blog post at a time!

Songs For Motivation

I listen to many songs for motivation as well. Here are a few of them that I have on my list on Amazon Music.

Mindset Changer Books

Reading books can completely transform my viewpoints. Shoot, reading the Love and Respect books transformed my marriage into something amazing! So why would it be far fetched to believe that reading the right entrepreneurial and mindset books, wouldn’t have a major impact on my business being successful?

If you put these mindset changer techniques into practice, you’re sure to gain a better life. They don’t take much time to use, but when you change the way you think it has the ability to help you see things you otherwise would have missed.

Talk to me in the comments:

What are some mindset changer techniques that you use?

6 thoughts on “Mindset Changer Wall & Tips”

  1. I don’t think it is at all silly to have a mindset changing wall. It is super important to maintain positive dialogues with ourselves. If we don’t do it, we fall victim to all the hogwash that society preaches to us. So regardless of your age, this is wonderful idea! I love all sorts of positive affirmations and inspiring messages and music! Such a great post. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.



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