Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife

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I heard that you were in a bad place in your marriage right now and feeling discouraged to the point where you’re thinking about filing for a divorce. As a discouraged wife, it’s so easy to want to throw in the towel and run away from all that you’ve built with your husband. I’m here to tell you that there is hope! I want to recommend marriage books for couples that have totally transformed my marriage.

While I’d like to say that there is only one time a discouraged wife should leave her husband, the reality is that it’s far better to be alone rather than live in a place where she’s not happy. BUT a woman needs to give her marriage ALL she’s got before she walks away, or you’ll end up living with a life of regret. A life filled with regret is far more damaging than living in a period of your life with unhappiness.

True marriage is not always a bed of roses! There are seasons for everything. Just like our natural seasons, there are storms and there are sunny fall days. We have signed up to take the good and the bad with our spouses. I believe that many couples are taking those vows lightly! It breaks my heart to see we’ve become a society that does this.

It is my desire to help you go from being the discouraged wife to the wife who has a heart full of love and hope for your husband.  

The discouraged wife can find hope and inspiration to help save her marriage with these marriage books for couples. Find out which books to read here!

Marriage Books for Couples for the Discouraged Wife

Today I want to recommend the top marriage books for couples that I’ve read that have truly impacted my marriage. If you take the time to fully read these books and take the action steps, you’ll see a difference in your marriage.

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Love and Respect Study Set – Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires, the Respect He Desperately Needs (Book + Workbook)

Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 1Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 2

I thought I had learned so much about what not to do while married due to my prior divorces and my parents’ MANY divorces. However, when I first got married to hubs it was clear that I had plenty left to learn. Our first year of marriage was HARD despite the fact that my husband and I have known each other for over 20- years. Marriage definitely changes the entire aspect of a relationship. I had thought I made another mistake and I was the discouraged wife. I was MISERABLE and SCARED of going through another divorce.

Then one of my friends recommended the Love and Respect series. I read it with a passion because I didn’t want to lose my husband. The author made me feel like he was speaking to me. He provided many examples of how wives don’t show their husband’s respect. He also explained why men needed respect and women needed love. It was eye-opening!

Because I took the author’s advice, it became life-changing for our marriage! I was giving him what he needed and naturally, he started giving me what I wanted again.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 3Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 4

While respecting my husband was important, learning his love language was just as important. His love language is COMPLETELY different than mine. Thanks to this book I’ve learned how to “speak his.”

Mine is physical touch. I HAVE to have some physical contact with him or else it feels like we’ve lost our bond in some form. (Even though that’s definitely NOT true, but it FEELS that way to me.)

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Together we have learned how to speak each other’s love languages more. We can simply say I need to be shown more love because right now I don’t feel like I matter. Since we learned these five love languages, we know what we each need to do.

The Love Dare Day by Day: A Year of Devotions for Couples

Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 5Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 6

So often in our daily lives, we are so busy dealing with LIFE that our spouses tend to take a back seat without us even realizing it’s happened. Hubs and I are polar opposites! As a result, we end up doing totally different things throughout our days. Even though we both work from home, we can literally go all day without seeing each other. This can go on for days on end for us.

That tells me that if it’s happening with us and we’re here in the same home all day long but different offices, it has to be three times worse for couples who work outside the home or different shifts.

That’s why this book was worth adding to the list! It helped us to connect with each other despite dealing with crazy lives.

Babyproofing Your Marriage

Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 7Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 8

This is a wonderful book to read as a new parent. It is filled with valuable bits of advice and tidbits that will help you get and keep your marriage from falling apart once your little one(s) enter into your lives. EVERYTHING changes once you have kids. It’s hard to know how to manage everything together.

While there is only a way that works best for your marriage, this marriage book for couples is a resource worth investing in time to read. It tells you how to handle making adjustments within your home. It also covers how to navigate the relationship issues with the in-laws.

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Happily Ever After: Fun and Heartwarming Stories about Finding and Enjoying Your Mate

Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 9Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife 10

While I wouldn’t say this book transformed my marriage, I would say that it helped keep the fires flaming. There’s something to be said for a woman watching or reading clean romances to remind them why they fell in love with their husbands. As I read through the stories shared in the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Happily Ever After, I was reminded of all the little reasons and ways my husband made me fall in love with him.

These books for couples are all ones I’ve read that have had some type of positive impact on my marriage personally. The key is to use the marriage advice given and put it into action. I know that every marriage has its own struggles, but at the core of many marriages, the key issues are covered in these books.

What books for couples for the discouraged wife would you add to this list?

10 thoughts on “Marriage Books for Couples For the Discouraged Wife”

  1. You have picked a good selection of books here. I haven’t ready any of these yet but might pick them up in the future. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

    • I’m glad that you might pick these books up in the future. Even if your marriage is strong they still have something to offer you.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.

  2. Some great choices. I’m sure that these all give some wonderful tips on keeping the romance going. It can be hard #KCACOLS

  3. I agree with you marriage is not always a bed of roses. It is all about giving and caring for each other. It’s a two-way street and it is a growing experience, just like raising kids is. I have not read these books but they might be able to unleash new viewpoints and help out a lot.

    • These books definitely unleash new insights. Some of these are the reason I’m still married to the love of my life. I didn’t realize I was disrespecting my husband as much as I was and it was destroying my marriage. I learned that valuable concept and it has made all of the difference for us.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.


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