Make Easter About More Than Candy

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Easter candy is no joke. In 2016, Easter topped the charts for the most candy sold in the US during any holiday. When your kids wake up on Easter morning, it’s natural for them to be excited to see what the Easter bunny brought them. The sad reality is that for too many kids, candy is the only reason that they celebrate Easter at all. Seize the opportunity for the fun traditions of baskets and eggs to be teachable moments to remind your kids about Jesus’s sacrifice, the true meaning of Easter.

Seize the opportunity for the fun traditions of baskets and eggs to be teachable moments to remind your kids about Jesus’s sacrifice. These tips will help!

Hide Scriptures in Plastic Eggs

When playing the role of the Bunny, fill plastic eggs with more than jelly beans and peanut butter cups. Print out Scriptures relating to Easter, roll them up and hide them in the eggs with the candy. Turn on Easter hymns and sing along with The Way International during the morning Easter basket ransack. When your kids open their eggs, find the correlating verse together in the Bible. Make this a moment to sit with your child and tell them the story of Jesus. If they are old enough, have your children take turns reading the Bible out loud. Some suggestions for verses include:

  • Acts 3:15
  • Luke 23:46-47
  • John 11:25-26
  • Matthew 20:17-19
  • Matthew 28:6

Color Eggs With Meaning

While you and your family dye eggs together have a discussion with youngsters about Jesus while using the eggs as a metaphor. Prompt them with open-ended questions to get them thinking. It’s important to pose questions to young children in a way that has them considering ideas rather than just answering Bible trivia questions.

  • “Did you know that some cultures around the world believe eggs are a symbol of coming back to life? I wonder why they believe that?”
  • “Look at the shell on this egg. We can’t see inside of it, can we? When Jesus died, his tomb was sealed too, how do you think he got out?”
  • “Do you see this cross I drew on the egg’s shell? Do you know why the cross is important?”

Make Resurrection Buns

This fun Easter tradition was created for the sole purpose of teaching young children about the Gospels. It is a cooking project that involves telling the story of Jesus’s body using a marshmallow and biscuit dough as a metaphor. This project is so impactful to children because it is hands-on. They are able to see step-by-step what the process was for Jesus’s burial and be amazed at their pastry “tomb” being empty after it bakes. This is the opportune moment to explain the miracle of the empty tomb and why it is so important on Easter.

  • Handy Tip: The easiest way to do this is to use refrigerated croissant dough. It’s already pre-cut and the perfect size for a large marshmallow.

Children understand a lot more than adults think they do, and these Easter lessons are so valuable in the early years of life. The foundation for a life of salvation is laid when they learn about it at a young age. Let Jesus’s miracles astound your children and prepare their hearts to let Him in.

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