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How to Maintain Productivity Levels and Avoid an Afternoon Crash

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Do you ever feel like you can’t make it through an entire day without napping? Sometimes you just want to go home and curl up on your side sleeper mattress. Life doesn’t often give us time to slow down even when we are most tired. One of the worst feelings is feeling as if you to pass out on the bed when you still have a million tasks to finish. When you get off work it is almost impossible not to feel exhausted from a full day of work, it can get difficult to fight sleepy eyes. The afternoon slump is something we all struggle with, however, there is a cure! Maintaining productivity is the only way you can keep your body awake and moving for the remainder of the day. Here are some tips to maintain good productivity to avoid that afternoon crash:

Drink Some Tea

Whether you’re a tea or coffee person the afternoon is a good time to drink a refreshing cup of energy. Even if you already had your daily cup of caffeine sometimes it is a good idea to have another one before the end of your day. That is why we recommended tea. Sometimes drinking too much coffee can be too concentrated so switching it up to tea is a good thing. Keep a little stash of tea bags in a nearby drawer so every time you feel that afternoon crash coming on you can quickly fix yourself up a cup. Let a few minutes for the caffeine to hit your body and become productive again!

How to Maintain Productivity Levels and Avoid an Afternoon Crash 2

Snack on an Energizing Protein

This is a good rule of thumb for your entire day; eat foods that contain proteins so your body will use them as fuel rather than putting you to sleep. Sometimes the food you eat is what is causing you to feel sleepy. All you need is a quick bite of some tuna salad, a hardboiled egg, or some turkey slices to get you back on your feet. If you are running on an empty stomach by the end of the day you need to take a moment to eat a protein bar as it will give you that a little boost of energy! Keep some snacks in your purse or drawer in your desk so it is easily accessible when you have those feelings of exhaustion come on.

Catch Up on Phone Calls or Texts

Sometimes our brains are overworked and just need to take a moment to re-boot. Whether we had a long day in meetings or staring at computers, taking a moment away from the stress and calming your mind down is a good idea to maintain your productivity for the rest of the day. Going through texts and answering back to people you haven’t answered in a while is a good way to help keep your mind off the stress. Maybe you have been meaning to call someone for a long time and haven’t or maybe you want to hear your significant others’ voice. Take a quick break and talk to someone who will put a smile on your face!


Stretching is always key to good health and energy! Make a small space in the room you are in and perform a small neck, back and leg stretch. This will help wake up your body and activate your brain to get some of those good juices flowing again. You can even stretch in your seat if you aren’t able to leave your desk such as rolling the shoulders forward and backward, taking deep breaths in and out and moving your neck side to side. Stretching is important for flexibility, a range of motion and most of all jump-starting the mind and body. It will just take a few moments of your time, it is well worth it.

Take a Walk

Have you been sitting down all day? Sometimes when you are feeling groggy all you need to do is stand up and talk a walk. Exercise has always been the best thing for your body and brain activity. It activates your muscles and gets your heart pumping, which will help give the energy you need to stay productive. Sometimes people think getting some exercise will make them more tired rather then give them energy, however, it does the opposite effect! In fact, taking a quick walk will help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent health conditions. It is always refreshing to go outside and get some air and sunshine on your skin.

More companies nowadays are also jumping on the bandwagon by creating office environments that encourage worker happiness with the installation of on-site gyms or tennis courts for employees. If your work has such a facility, take advantage of it to not only feel better but to be ready for a more productive afternoon.

Freshen Up

When you wash your face or shower in the morning, it can help wake you up and make you feel revitalized—the same goes for the afternoon! Of course, you probably aren’t going to take a shower, but you can take a quick break to freshen your skin with an acne mask or thoroughly clean your teeth with a waterpik. Whatever method you choose to freshen up, it will help you feel more awake and energized for the afternoon.

Play a Game or Enjoy a Hobby

Often, the best way to avoid a crash is to switch gears for a moment. Taking a break can help reset your energy levels and clear your mind for improved concentration. You don’t even have to leave the office to do this! You can play online casino at the office, or if you have a private office, practice your singing online. Whatever you end up doing, just make sure that the break lets you switch out of work mode for 15 to 20 minutes, so you can go back to being productive.

Cool Off

There’s nothing like a warm, stuffy office to really make you drowsy. If your office is on the warmer side, then it’s a good idea to turn on the A/C when you come back from lunch. If your office air conditioner is on the fritz, recommend an office air conditioning service to your boss—your boss might think it’s random or unnecessary, but when you remind them that it’s to increase overall worker productivity, they are much more likely to support your recommendation.

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