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How Being Born In Spring Can Influence Your Life

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If you’re celebrating your birthday around this time of year, then you may be interested to know that being a “spring baby” can have a surprising amount of influence on your life and well-being…

You’re more likely to have a positive outlook

It is believed that children born in springtime are more likely to be positive and optimistic; a theory that has been confirmed by a number of studies. It is thought that exposure to light is a factor as to why; babies born in spring and summer are exposed to more natural light earlier in their development, which seems to lead to a sunnier – if you’ll pardon the pun – disposition.

You’re more likely to be a leader

A survey of over 250 CEOs, all working for S&P 500 companies, found that babies born in March or April were far more likely to embrace leadership positions in later life. It’s thought that leadership is learned at a young age; as spring babies are likely to be amongst the oldest in their school classes, they develop natural leadership qualities early on in their development.

You are more likely to have a courageous, enthusiastic personality

If you were born in the first two months of spring, there’s a high likelihood that you were born under the star sign Aries – which spans from March 20th to April 21st. People born under Aries tend to be confident, optimistic people. If you’re curious to find out more about what being an Aries indicates about your personality, then the infographic below is a great place to start…

How Being Born In Spring Can Influence Your Life 1
Infographic Design By: Ask Astrology

Growing up with an Aries in my family, I tend to agree with this assessment.

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