Many homeschooling parents are creating lesson plans for the upcoming school year. Did you know with Homeschool Planet  you can do so much more than just creating assignments? When I first started looking into Homeschool Planet I didn’t know many of the features it offers. After reviewing it, I physically saw how I could benefit from using it for our family. 

About Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Homeschooling can quickly become an expensive venture if you are not careful. That is why being a member of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is beneficial for homeschoolers. The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is an organization made to help homeschooling families gain superb products at discounted prices. They also provide support and help for homeschooling families.


They have many free resources and services to help their members out. They even have FREE homeschool curriculum. One of the resources I like the most is their field trip page that gives me ideas of things to do with my kids throughout the United States. Since they give us FREE homeschool ID cards I’m able to take advantage of many of the homeschooling discounts companies offer.

About Homeschool Planet

Homechool Planet

Homeschool Planet is a user-friendly online planner that allows you to manage your family’s homeschooling journey. This system has many added features that other online organization tools do not have.

Homeschool Planet your online homeschool organizational system that will help manage many more aspects of your home too. Find out more here.

As you can see from my image above that you can easily schedule your daily activities by the hour. Also, there are quite a few lesson plans available through Homeschool Co-Op that can easily be integrated into your planner from top homeschool retailers.

I have a strong love for quotes and was quick to add that widget to my planner. I also love the feature of the scripture widget daily too. I can also keep track of the books I need to read for reviews, shopping lists, and even my to-do lists. What is truly neat is I’m able to share my lists with other family members via text and/or email.

This system covers everything a homeschooling family needs for their record keeping. It creates transcripts from the classes your students take. There is a place for attendance records. I can print out daily assignment lists for each student so they can easily mark off what they need to do each day. Even with my kids using Connections Academy, I can still use this program to help me add on their chores from home and their daily assignments in a more user-friendly manner.

Overall, this program is truly worth the only $65/year or $6.95/month. I’ve always been a pen and paper user, but I can guarantee that I using this system as long as I can too with the kids AND myself.

Right now they are offering a free one-month trial for Homeschool Planet. On top of that, you also get a month’s worth of lesson plans for ONE company from a long list of well-known companies, including Clever Dragons. (*Note: Curriculum is NOT included.)


Learn More About Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

You can learn more about the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

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