Ash & Harry Candle Making Kit Review

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I’m always on the hunt for things to do with Zeva because we have such polar opposite personalities. But I want her to know how much I love her too! When Partyville reached out to me about doing a review of their Ash & Harry Candle Making Kit I didn’t hesitate because it looked like something fun we could do together.

About Ash & Harry Candle Making Kit

Ash & Harry Candle Making Kit Review 1

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SAFELY MAKE YOUR OWN CANDLES – Complete kit with everything you need to make your personalized candles. Endless possibilities with multiple scents and color dyes provided. Selection of 10 most exquisite premium essential oils perfect for every mood and emotion.

SAFE AND BIODEGRADABLE – Our soy wax is a healthy alternative to traditional candles. It burns with zero petro soot and is biodegradable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. Our soy wax candles throw plenty of scents due to how clean they burn.

CREATE BEAUTIFUL CANDLES FOR YOUR LOVED ONES – Show your loved ones how much you care by creating unique candles perfectly matched to their tastes. We have included 6 elegantly designed tin containers, 4 glass jars with wooden lids, 2 gift boxes & 4 giftable cotton bags. Along with unique and thoughtful stickers to add a personal touch.

SECURE & FRESH Each item is wrapped in its own package to ensure no leaks or damage. Essential oil boxes are delivered with foam padding, and all scents/dyes have their own sealed bag for freshness!

GREAT KIT FOR BEGINNERS OR PROS With a super simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions manual and video, you’ll have your project up in no time. Super simple for beginners while up to every standard for pros – You can’t go wrong with this one!

My Review of the Ash & Harry Candle Making Kit

Ash & Harry Candle Making Kit Review 2

As you can see this kit comes with everything one needs to make 10 beautiful smelling candles. This candle kit has the ideal essential oils to make these candles. When I did the unboxing video and the kit pictures I didn’t realize there were other kinds of candle holders within the candle holder I liked in the video.

Ash & Harry Candle Making Kit Review 3

Zeva and I had a blast making candles together. The directions were simple to follow. They were so simple to follow that Zeva was able to make her brother a candle on her own (with my supervision.)

Spend quality time with a loved one making 10 beautiful candles to use or give as gifts with the Ash & Harry Candle Making kit. Learn more in this review.

This kit has some beautiful candle holders within the kit itself. I like the fact that four of them are clear which will allow me to go back and use my Cricut to make customized covers on them if I choose to. I also appreciated the fact that there were various different sizes of candle holders within the kit.

They choose a good selection of essential oil scents to use within the candles. I particularly liked the rose and sandalwood. Zeva liked the vanilla bean one. Delbert shockingly choose the grapefruit and clementine scent. All of those scents were amazing.

Overall, it feels like we have chosen the kit that has well-made products in it, and in turn, makes me feel like we are making gifts worth giving or products we can confidently use on our own.

As someone who does love to do crafts with Zeva, but isn’t overly confident in doing them, I fully appreciated this beginner candle-making kit. I would certainly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to dabble in making candles and they never have done it before now. I appreciate the fact that Ash & Harry stand behind their products!

Learn more about Ash & Harry Products

You can learn more about Ash & Harry products by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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