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7 Popular Things to Do in Charleston, SC

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Charleston is full of a long list of things to do. It is one of our favorite family places to visit because there are so many places to choose from to entertain the family. Personally, I like the fact that I can have a nice day outing or I can plan a full week worth of activities without being the least bit bored. Since I’m a country four-wheeling rider, the break to the big city is always welcomed too.

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Top 7 Popular Things to do in Charleston, SC

7 Popular Things to Do in Charleston, SC 2

Charleston Harbor Cruise 

If you’re like me a fellow boat lover, then you’ll appreciate taking the cruise ride while your family has the chance to learn about Charleston’s history. One of the best parts of this trip is the fact that you get to see dolphins and other bits of nature. It’s also quite affordable.

South Carolina Aquarium

This is an amazing aquarium! A family can easily spend an entire day here. There are many activities to do there. One of the neatest things is to me is their 4D theater. I also like the fact that I’m able to physically handle some of the animals. The shows they put on for educating the kids are lively and engaging.

The Battery and White Point Garden Tours

Bordered by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, the Battery and White Point Garden comprise a lovely stretch of a seawall, the adjacent promenade, and subsequent live oak garden. Famous for its antebellum homes, Colonial-era pieces of artillery from its days as a Civil War fortification, the Battery, and White Point Garden is also home to a monument commemorating the hanging of notorious pirates Stede Bonnet, Richard Worley and their nefarious crew members. A picturesque place to enjoy the culture and history of Charleston, one of America’s oldest and most culturally rich cities, you can find dog-walkers, joggers, and couples picnicking on any given day.

I do declare this is one of my husband’s favorite places to visit when we go to Charleston. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures handy to add to this to show you how beautiful it is to look at. Of course, that gives you all the more reason to go visit it yourself.

Carriage Rides

There is an abundance of carriage ride places all throughout the marketplace to choose from. They aren’t overly long. On all of the ones we’ve been on, all of the guides have been entertaining and knowledgeable. Of course, being able to pet and interact with horses is always a good thing in my book.

Charleston Market Place 

As you can see there are plenty of vendors to look at while you’re at the Charleston Market Place. A person can easily get all of their special occasions shopping done at this market because there is almost something for everyone. It’s always neat to see the various arts and crafts that people bring to the market.

Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter is a place that I feel families would remember for a lifetime. A lot of history took place at Fort Sumter, and it’s an amazingly well-maintained place. To me, vital things took place at Fort Sumter, and it’s neat to see it in person knowing that.

Rainbow Row 

Rainbow Row is a quite well-known place to see. It’s a series of houses painted different colors. It looks like a rainbow of houses. Until I went on a tour and learned more about these houses, I truly didn’t see the point in checking out these homes. Now that I know more, it’s pretty neat. Now I look forward to seeing them again when we go into town.

These ideas are only a small little tip of the things that a person can do while visiting Charleston, SC. There are plenty of festivals that happen near King Street, museums abound, parks, and even a nice size waterpark. You may decide to move to the area. Be sure to check out Charleston SC Real Estate before you leave the area.

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