These five health trends you can't ignore. They are changing the way we look at our health and our lifestyles.

5 Health Trends You Can’t Ignore

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A healthy lifestyle certainly has its perks.  Not only do you have more energy, but you also look better, you feel better, and you are an all-around happier person.  But, like everything else, there are always ways to improve. So, it makes sense to seek out ways to improve your healthy lifestyle.  After all, the results will only make you happier, healthier, and even more full of energy.

Check out these five health trends you can’t ignore.

These five health trends you can't ignore. They are changing the way we look at our health and our lifestyles.

Climate Change’s Correlation with Illness

If you think about it, the climate has an impact on just about everything.  So, it’s only logical to look at its effects on human health. Just look at one small chain of events.  More rainfall increases the number of mosquitos. And, the length of the list of diseases and illness spread by mosquitos is quite lengthy.  An increased population of mosquitos as a result of increased rainfall can only mean an increased chance for conditions like:

  • malaria, dengue
  • West Nile virus
  • Chikungunya
  • yellow fever
  • Saint Louis encephalitis
  • Western equine encephalitis

So, it makes sense that researchers look at how weather impacts health-related illness in other ways.

Smartphones are crucial to access useful info

There’s an app for everything—including your health.  Smartphones’ ability to connect with wearables have shifted a large amount of accountability onto people.  It’s easy to see if you’ve overeaten, haven’t exercised enough, or overlooked that ever so important trip to the gym.

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And when your phone is beeping and dinging at you to get your act together, there’s nowhere to shift the blame.

In addition to accountability, smartphones, and access to social media make it much easier to find information on how to live healthily.  A quick tap or a quick swipe, and you have a wealth of information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

DIY Preventative Methods

Millennials do everything differently—including health.  The digital generation relies on apps, and technology to prevent illness, so regular office visits and yearly physicals are becoming a thing of the past.  

Instead, this generation avoids the PCP and uses urgent care facilities when they get sick.  The days of a personal relationship with the family doctor are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Entertaining Exercise Machines

Video games are no longer controllers and couches.  Instead, companies are starting to invest in ways to incorporate them into exercises.  Treadmills that make you feel like you are running from dragons or driving through tunnels lead to rewards like free sessions with a personal trainer.

Your physical therapy sessions are going to look a lot different when your therapist can make you feel like if you don’t get enough steps that a zombie will eat you.

Genetic Testing

Studies show that 53% of parents are willing to let their children undergo genetic testing to see if they are at risk for serious illness. 

While this is a great predictor of what the future may hold for children, much debate surrounds the issue of when this type of testing should occur. 

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Look for more debate and discussion on this topic to come.


If you are looking to maintain that healthy lifestyle, don’t overlook these trends. The reasoning is obvious.  Healthy living makes your life much more satisfying. You will look better, feel better, and be a much happier person.

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