If you’ve ever wondered whether social work is a great career choice for mothers, wonder no more. This career does, indeed, suit mothers. And why wouldn’t it? Aren’t mother’s social workers in a sense?

After all, they nurture, support, and comfort their families, especially their kids. And doing so prepares mothers for a career doing the same for society. So as one, here’s why you should consider following this career path.

You Change Society

If you can transform the lives of the people living in your house, you can definitely do the same for those living in the community around you. A career in social work lets you do just that.

And better still, depending on what specialty you choose, you decide where to leave your mark on society. You can opt to work with abused women, abandoned children, or destitute families to name a few.

Sometimes the career you think is a good fit for you may not be the right one. Here are some reasons why you should consider becoming a social worker. Which of these reasons appeals to you?

It Could Be Your Calling

In many cases, the desire to change society for the better is, indeed, a calling. The same applies to social work. In fact, on joining the profession, most social workers readily declare they’re responding to an inner call.

If you, too, feel called to leave a better society, by all means, join the profession. Who knows? It might just be the answer to the yearning you have inside you. But before doing so, you need to get the right qualifications, such as an MSW degree.

This means pursuing an online master in social work from an accredited university, such as Case Western Reserve University. After you graduate, you can, then, fulfill your calling.

You Leave a Mark on Your Family

As a social worker, it’s not just society you’ll be changing, but your family as well. Remember, to be an effective social worker, you must possess great communication and problem-solving skills.

What’s more, you teach your clients how to communicate with each other and to solve problems. When you get home, you both apply and teach these skills to your family.

You Advance in Your Career

Calling aside, no matter which career you work in, including social work, you still need to pay your bills. Therefore, the career must offer good pay, job security, and an opportunity to advance in the field. In social work, these three are never an issue and demand for new qualified and motivated social workers is on the rise right now.

Why do you ask? Regardless of how much a society progresses, social problems will still plague it. And to address these problems, it needs social workers, leading to a high demand for these professionals. With demand, comes good pay, job security, and advancement opportunities.


Why is social work a great career for you as a mother? For starters, you can change society for the better, getting to choose which social problem you’ll address. Also, social work could be your calling; you never know. And the demand for social workers is growing, leaving you with a well-paying, secure job.