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Three Tips to Always Reach Airport on Time

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We all get excited at the mere mention of traveling and not reaching the airport on time is something we all dread. People tell you that you have to be there early and you plan to do so as well, but it is always difficult to do so.

I remember there was one time when our family’s flight to Paris was scheduled at 5:00 or 5:30 am. That meant we had to reach the airport very early in the morning. Our family had six people and four were children under the age of 10. It was really difficult to get the kids up early and ready for the flight. Then we had to get to the airport and my husband was wise enough to call for some professional driver service. We got to the airport on time, but we still had to go through baggage check-in, scanners and security, and filling up immigration forms and that took a lot of time.

Ideally, people believe that they have to arrive at the airport two hours early. It gives you ample time to go through the security check, get your baggage checked-in and to deal with any unexpected issues. If you are making a trip to the airport anytime soon here are some tips for you to reach there in time.

Three Tips to Always Reach Airport on Time 2

Passport and Important Contacts

We all know the importance of passports and how we always plan to place it in a separate wallet, but unfortunately, that never happens. It can get you a serious heart attack if you get to the airport and realize the passport is not in your pocket. To avoid such a situation, just place the passport in your bag or purse the night before. You can also keep it next to the door on a very visible and attention catching table so you don’t forget it. Also, ensure that you have all the important phone numbers at hand. You will need them on reaching your destination. Such numbers may include emergency numbers, your friends’ contacts, service numbers, and even office numbers.

The Flight Schedule

People are careless when excited. They put too much time in packing and making dreamy plans yet refrain from checking the departure time on the ticket. Always remember to confirm the departure time before leaving home. Make calls if you have to and write down that time on a whiteboard at home if you have one. This will ensure that not only you are there on time, but also give you time to think about ways of entertainment if your flight gets delayed. You can always verify the departure time from your airline website a few hours before leaving.

Book a Taxi or Uber

You can be ready for your travel but if you don’t have a dependable conveyance at hand, you will never reach the airport on time. This is precisely why you need a reliable transport option and we believe that booking a taxi a day before your flight is a very good idea. You can also call an Uber, but beware of the traffic conditions.

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