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The Road To A Better Bank Balance: Boost Your Wealth In 2019

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Everybody wants to improve their finances. Whether you’re making ends meet or you’re in a position to buy luxuries on a regular basis, there’s always more you could be doing to improve your financial situation. As we’ll discuss in this article, fiscal responsibility depends on carefully budgeted and calculated expenses as well as high earnings. Let’s put you on the road to a better bank balance by boosting your wealth in 2019.

The Road To A Better Bank Balance: Boost Your Wealth In 2019 1

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Career progression.

The first step is to take another look at your career. You might have the potential to be earning more in your current job role than you realize. So, progress your career. Ask your employer for a raise. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Of course, another route you could consider (if you haven’t already considered it) is a brand new career path. Maybe your current job truly has reached a dead end, but does that mean your income should be limited from here onwards? No. If you want to boost your wealth and your bank balance by the end of the year then it’s time to scan the horizon for other opportunities. You might even want to consider new industries that provide greater possibilities for growth and earning power. Obviously, quitting your current job to train and prepare for a new one isn’t a financially feasible option, so you should look into study options online. The internet is a wonderful resource in this regard. You could acquire the skills necessary to tackle a new industry simply by training online.

Better spending habits.

If you really want to set off on the road to a better bank balance then you should learn some better spending habits. Obviously, the advice in the previous point will help you out, but financial security depends on more than a healthy income. It doesn’t matter whether your salary is big or small; if you want to boost your wealth then you need to focus on your expenditures. For starters, you need to curb your bad spending habits. We’re talking about every time you felt buyer’s remorse for buying a pair of shoes you only wore once or a huge pile of snacks you realized you didn’t even want when you got home. Practice the 30-day rule. Any time you want to treat yourself to something, wait 30 days. If you forget all about the item then you just avoided a moment of regret. If you still want the luxury item then congratulations – go and treat yourself.

Spending less on luxuries in a straightforward step to take when improving your finances. You’ve probably already cut back on non-essential expenses if you’re trying to tidy up your bank account and increase your wealth. But what about essential expenses? Many of us don’t consider that we could be wasting money on our basic costs. And we’re not going to suggest you should cut back on your food shopping or turn off the heating. You don’t have to go hungry or freeze at home to save money. Just rethink your recurring bills. You could use coupons and loyalty points (at select stores) to save money at the grocery shop; you could even grow your own fruit and veg in the garden. There are plenty of ways to eat the same food every week but spend much less money. As for your energy bill, you could compare different providers to find a cheaper monthly quote. You could even buy more energy-efficient appliances to reduce the power you use. Better spending habits stem from a smarter approach to the way in which you consume things.

Buying and selling.

This is a great way to boost your wealth in your spare time. Buy old items and sell them for a profit at yard sales or on the internet. Auctioning sites such as eBay can help you make more money than you spent on certain goods; bidding wars can massively increase something’s price. You might even want to upcycle items to increase their value for a bigger turnover. Still, you need to be adventurous if you really want to boost your wealth from this hobby.

Buying, packaging, and posting items to sell them for a profit can be a time-consuming task, so you need to ensure you’re getting enough of a financial reward for your efforts. You might even want to look into more valuable items such as this Austrian Mint Philharmonic Gold Coin. Collectibles are highly valuable on the marketplace; you’ll most likely entice buyers who’ll happily spend more than you did to acquire the item. Buying high-value goods mean you’ll be putting your time to better use. You’ll be looking at bigger profits in a smaller time-frame.

The road to better bank balance stability is within your grasp. Use these tips to boost your wealth in 2019 and beyond. Are you using them?

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Becoming an online freelancer.

Another great way to improve your bank balance and boost your wealth in 2019 is to become an online freelancer. You should quit your day job just yet. Still, much like the previous suggestion to start buying and selling goods, it’s a way to earn some extra money in your spare time. And, much like buying and selling goods, freelancing on the internet is an entrepreneurial venture. It’s akin to starting your own business, depending on how seriously you take it. But you should definitely start with a plan. Figure out how to monetize your skillset. Get on freelance sites such as Fiverr too; there’s a market for everything on there.


We’ve already talked about buying and selling, but you can invest on a higher level than that. If you want to boost your wealth beyond the occasional eBay auction then you might want to consider investing a small portion of your monthly earnings in different markets and assets. Stocks and bonds could offer a high ROI if you do your research and learn how to monitor market trends, but real estate is a particularly enticing industry for most first-time investors.

That’s because a property is an asset that everyone understands. You could invest by buying properties to sell or buying properties to lease. The former option is more appealing to those who want to increase a property’s value and turn it over for a profit. The latter option is more appealing to those who want to bring in a steady source of income from their new investment on a monthly basis. However, you invest your earnings, make sure you take cautious steps. As mentioned earlier, spending your money wisely is the key to long-term financial security. And this is still the case when you’re trying to make a profit.

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