The Mulligan Movie Review

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I love movies that inspire me and make me think! I’m also an enormous fan of movies that encourage everyone to make every moment count in life. That’s why I was thrilled to be able to watch The Mulligan Movie and share my honest thoughts on it with you all.

About The Mulligan Movie

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The game of golf often mirrors the game of life. Paul McAllister is discovering that the hard way. As they say, “it’s called golf because all of the other four-letter words are taken!”

An intensely driven CEO of a successful international business, Paul is a success in everything—except life. Separated from his wife and estranged from his son, Paul’s steely-eyed focus remains solely on his next boardroom mega-deal. But like an errant tee-shot on a difficult hole, Paul’s life could use a do-over … a “mulligan” as golfers would say.

When the stress of life leads to an implosion on the golf course at a prestigious Pro-Am tournament, a humiliated Paul is left picking up the pieces of his broken life … and broken putter. Thankfully, his first steps toward a second chance are guided by a new-found friend, Will Dunn—known by everyone as “the Old Pro.” While Paul thinks the Old Pro will help him improve his golf game, he soon discovers a beloved mentor who is more focused on Paul’s priorities and purpose than his pitching and putting.

Based on the popular book by Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard, THE MULLIGAN is an inspiring reminder that second chances are only one step away. From the producer of BOBBY JONES: STROKE OF GENIUS, and the director-producer team behind THE ULTIMATE GIFT comes THE MULLIGAN, sporting an all-star cast that includes Eric Close (NASHVILLE, AMERICAN SNIPER) as Paul, Pat Boone as the Old Pro, and PGA golfer Tom Lehman and broadcasting legend Jim Nantz as themselves. See it in theaters for two nights only on April 18 & 19.

Whether it’s a second shot during a friendly round, rediscovering lost priorities, or the opportunity to make something good of a situation gone bad, there are times we all could use a mulligan.

My Review of The Mulligan Movie

I knew going in this was going to be one of those movies that stuck with me. I wasn’t disappointed!

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This movie showcased how important it is to have the right kind of people surrounding you in your life. But it also showed how God helps to make that happen in our lives.

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Ole’ Pro is a subtle man, but he’s full of wisdom. The ones who have truly learned from him have gained a lot in life. But he is truly one of God’s disciples.

It felt like it took Paul a long time to “see the light.” However, in many cases, that’s truly how it is with people. So, I’m glad that this movie didn’t make him immediately get his act together.

It’s so easy to question why God does things in our lives. So often the reason people reject believing in God is that they can’t grasp how he’d let so many bad things happen to people. Trust me, I get that quite well! I questioned it for many years of my life. This was especially true when I was living through such abuse as a child.

Yet, God promises to use all bad for good. So far, he hasn’t failed in holding that promise. While I can’t always see his plans or even begin to see the good in every situation, it does come to pass (even if it is YEARS down the road.) But God has made it known he knew his plans for our lives even before we were born.

This movie showcases so much in such an endearing story. It proves that having faith and not giving up on God is well worth the wait. It’s a great family-friendly movie worth taking the time to watch.

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