8 Spring Break Activities for Babies & Toddlers

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Making the most of the (hopefully!) sunny Spring Break this year is especially important if you have a toddler in tow. Children love springtime and being able to play outside on the grass again after a long winter of being trussed up in a coat and boots – which is also great news for mom and dad, who have endured a lot of stress trying to get the child to wear those garments!

Here’s how to make the most of the springtime sunshine with your babies and toddlers – be sure to pack your sunscreen!

Feed the ducks

Have you ever given a child a slice of bread and let them loose at the duck pond? They’ll either have the time of their lives violently chucking it at swans, start smooshing it into the grass, or just eat it… either way, they definitely seem to enjoy it! Pack a picnic, choose a shady spot under a tree to lay a mat, and sit back and watch as your toddler entertains herself by throwing a whole loaf of bread into a lake. Bliss.

Take a trip to the paddling pool

Babies (and parents) love dipping their toes into a paddling pool when the sun is out. Slather your baby in sun-cream, put his cute little hat on and watch as he splashes about and makes friends at your local paddling pool. If you have more than one little one, a double buggy will answer all your prayers about leaving the house with two babies – go to https://www.doublebuggyreviews.com/ for detailed reviews to help you choose the best vehicle for your precious cargo.

During the spring and summer months it babies and toddlers become more restless. Here are some simple but fun ways to keep them engaged and happy. Which ones are you using?

Visit a national park

Spring is the perfect time to get out into the fresh air and visit some of your country’s national parks that you’ve never explored before. They often have children’s play areas and baby-changing facilities making them perfect for a day out and a short hike with your children.

Go camping

Kids are basically feral – they have no qualms about shaking off home comforts yet. In fact, we all know how much they love rolling in mud. So, make the most of this precious age by taking them camping in a tent in a scenic location before they become stroppy teenagers complaining about a lack of wi-fi signal. Camping is a lovely family bonding activity – plan a trip with extended family or friends and make a weekend of it.

Drive to the beach

Especially if your baby has never experienced the sea before, now is the perfect time to take a trip to the ocean. Children LOVE splashing in the tide, building sandcastles and investigating seaweed – take them out to frolic in the sand for a fun-filled, heart-warming family day out.

Hold an Easter egg hunt

Even if your child is a little too young to grasp the idea of a treasure hunt yet, it never hurts to start them early! If you have some older children in your family, get the whole family involved, and your toddler will love playing and keeping up with her big cousins. Easter egg hunts are a classic Easter family-fun tradition, and with new babies in the family, it’s the best time to revive it.

Make the most of free activities

During Spring Break, many kids’ activity facilities will hold free or discounted entry days. Check out the local museums, theaters, theme parks, etc. to find out what they’re offering while the schools are out. Link up with friends for a fun day out with all your children and enjoy the cultural amenities of your town.

Get creative

It, unfortunately, can’t be sunny outside all the time – you have to have a contingency plan for rainy days. For this eventuality, introduce your baby to arts and crafts. Let them finger paint and splash color all over a piece of paper, then proudly display their first masterpiece on your fridge. You could also pick flowers and arrange them in a vase, paint stones, and make a cut-and-stick collage. Let your child’s imagination run free!

Talk to me in the comments, please:

What are some ways you keep your babies and toddlers occupied during the spring? 

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