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Saving Money On A Family Trip to Disney With DVC Resale Rentals

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The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a highly regarded timeshare program owned by Disney. Members have access to a variety of luxury Disney resorts all over the USA, many of which are located near one of the famous Disney theme parks. These resorts are 4- and 5-star and cater to families with young children.

While Disney Vacation Club used to be reserved for an exclusive group of members, it’s now everywhere you turn and the requests for Disney Vacation Club rentals continue to pour in. The secondary market, or DVC Resales, allows non-members to experience a DVC resort cheaply by renting from a current DVC member at a heavily discounted rate.

Disney Timeshares Operate on the Points System

Disney Vacation Club members know that the DVC points system sets their membership apart from all the other timeshare operators because of the quality and style of the Disney brand. The points are what allows members to rent DVC resale timeshares out to vacationers looking for the flexibility to travel when they want, how they want and have their choice of deluxe accommodations.

There are seasons of travel and the usage for the various accommodations are calculated in points. A point value for each resort and unit is assigned for resale and rental purposes and they are generally quite standard across the board.Obviously, the higher travel seasons will require a higher number of points and the larger the accommodations, the higher number of points it will require to vacation.

Some members rent Disney Vacation Club points to help offset the cost of their membership dues, while others simply have more points than they can use, or rent them out instead of banking them into the next year.

Disney Vacation Club members know that the DVC points system sets their membership apart from all the other timeshare operators because of the quality and style of the Disney brand.

Planning a Disney Timeshare Rental

When you rent a DVC resale unit, you rent the magic of it all, plus a little more. More space, more convenience, and more amenities. Rentals allow you to experience the DVC properties either as a “try before you buy” or just for the savings and value they offer for your Disney vacation.

The first thing you need to know about renting Disney Vacation Club is your travel dates. Unlike booking directly with Disney, the window for renting Disney points can be shorter. Members can book at their “home resort” 11 months prior and at any other Disney resort 7 months prior. This means you need to plan ahead and know your dates, so you have a better chance of securing availability from the member you’re working with at the resort you prefer.

Even with seasonal discounts on standard Disney World vacation packages, DVC resale rentals can still give you substantial savings over regular vacation offers. Aside from savings on the accommodations, the amenities that a Disney timeshare rental can offer also provides savings, as a kitchen can cut down on your in-park eating costs, complimentary shuttles save on parking and the washer and dryer can be a lifesaver during those hot summer months.

How to Go About Obtaining a Disney Rental

You can rent a Disney timeshare directly from an existing owner on the resale market, but member to non-member rentals require a certain amount of trust, as the member makes the reservation on your behalf. Therefore, you’ll want to have a written contract explaining the specifics of payment. You might also want to consider having the money placed into escrow to protect you against any unforeseen circumstances. Likewise, renters are responsible for the care of the property while they are renting it.

Timeshare resale and rental companies can help conduct the transaction on your behalf, plus also help you find the accommodations that are best for your needs and will ensure the price per point is on track with the current trends before you rent a Disney timeshare.

Flexibility and trust are the two things that will make you an ideal Disney points renter. Whether you plan on renting through a resale company or directly from an owner, being open to different resort options can help you get the best deal and being flexible with your travel dates and resort preferences could benefit you financially as well.

While it’s the members’ job to decide when to “bank” and “borrow”, sometimes life happens and they’re on the hook with points that are going to expire…which could make your vacation even more affordable and could be just the touch of magic you need to rent Disney timeshares.

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