Love or Money? How About Both?

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Is it better to work a low-paid job that you enjoy, or work a high-paid job that you don’t enjoy? Many people claim you have to make a choice between love or money – but what if it was possible to achieve both? Here are just several tricks for scoring a job that pays well and that you enjoy.

Is it more important to make more money or is a peace of mind worth more? Here is some food for thoughts to consider.

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Play to your strengths

There’s no point trying to get into a well-paid job that doesn’t play to your strengths. We naturally enjoy jobs that we’re good at – if your job forces you to do things you’re not good at, you could find that you grow to resent it. An employer is also likely to pay less if they think you’re not good at your role. Start by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and focus on finding a career that pays these strengths well.

Improve your qualifications

Being educated can often allow you to gain access to higher-paid jobs. It could enable you to do a job you love at a higher level such as taking a master’s library science degree via USC online in order to progress your career into library management. Qualifications are an investment and you do need to be certain that they will help you with your dream career.

Network heavily

Knowing the right people can also help when getting into a high paid job that you enjoy. A lot of high paying popular companies may see no reason to ever advertise jobs and you may find that you’re better off getting your foot in the door by getting to know people that work there and using this to then be alerted of vacancies early. You may also be able to meet people who can put in a good word for you. The likes of LinkedIn are great places for networking.

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Consider going solo

Working for an employer may be too constraining. Going solo and starting your own business could allow you to set your own prices and take home more of the profit, allowing you to make a lot more money doing what you love. Going self-employed does mean losing out on certain benefits such as holiday pay and sick pay so take this into account.

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