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Household Expenses You Should Never Cut Corners On

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We all love some great money saving tips, and once you’ve tried cutting costs in order to save money and live more of the life you want, it can quickly become addictive. Seeing those savings mount up and knowing you are moving closer to your financial goals – whether it’s gathering capital to start up a business, saving money to fund a round-the-world trip or even aiming to purchase your first home or start a family – can give you a feeling of satisfaction like no other, especially when you’ve managed to identify savings in your personal budget that doesn’t make you feel the pinch – things like canceling unused subscriptions or switching your utility providers. Soon you start looking for the next saving you can make. And while this is brilliant in principle, there are a few things which it turns out to be a false economy to cut too harshly. When trying to make cuts, always think about the long-term cost you could be incurring further down the line.

There are some expenses that it doesn't pay to cut corners on. Here is the list of household expenses you should never cut corners on.
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Nutritious Food

As an area of semi-discretionary spending, it can be highly tempting to look to your food budget when you’re trying to make some easy savings. And while swapping from a proprietary brand of pasta to the store’s own-brand is unlikely to make a huge amount of difference to your health, what will have an impact is opting for cheaper processed foods and cutting fresh produce and high-quality proteins from your diet. And while ready meals may seem cost-effective and convenient when we all lead such busy lives., you’re storing up potentially costly health issues for the future. Get around the problem by finding other ways to save on food without compromising on quality. If you’re a meat-eater, always opt for the highest quality you can afford, but consider cheaper cuts such as lamb shoulder or chicken thighs – these tend to be particularly tasty when done in a slow cooker as it makes them tender. Try and batch-cook your meals, divide into portions and freeze for convenience without a health sacrifice. You could also try cutting out meat two or three days a week and finding stock of delicious vegetarian recipes that are healthy and cheaper to make. Bulk buy dried and tinned goods where possible and use frozen vegetables where you can – these cost less, create less food waste and still have very high nutritional values as well.

Insurance Costs

Insurance is one of those costs that you think is fairly useless – until something happens and you really need it. With costs for medical care spiraling, you’d be very wise to consider a service like Medicare Nationwide, which offers gap coverage for policies so that a medical emergency doesn’t end up bankrupting you as well. Never skip home cover either – should a natural disaster, fire or flood occurs and you have no insurance and no way to repair your home and replace contents it would be a true disaster.  And it should go without saying that you shouldn’t consider traveling abroad without cover there too – being trapped overseas with no way to get home if you have an accident is not worth the risk.

Skipping Home Maintenance

A leaking gutter or a chipped tile here and there or your car’s annual service may seem like a tempting thing to skip – after all, it isn’t really affecting your quality of life in the here and now. But the consequences of not keeping up with home and vehicle maintenance can be severe. Not only can problems develop which turn out to be more costly to fix eventually, but you could also be inadvertently putting yourself and loved ones in danger. The cheapest tradesman or garage isn’t always the best option either – use customer reviews to gauge whether they are likely to do a good job or to do works which may end up costing you more at a later date.

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