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Got a Bun in the Oven?

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Hopefully, you know we don’t mean that term literally. If you’re going through the pleasure of carrying your child, you’re in for a rollercoaster of a ride. Pregnancy can be one hell of an experience. For some lucky people, they’ll breeze through pregnancy with the smallest of issues. For other people, they’re bombarded with aches, pains, sickness, and fatigue. You’re going to go one of two ways, but if you’re like the most of us, you’re going to go down the nasty route. But as bad as this opening paragraph sounds, people always say they’d do it all again once it’s all over. So to make the journey a little easier for you we’ve put together some tips to help you stay in top form throughout.

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Rest is going to be your best friend during pregnancy. It’s also something you might not see much of. As you get bigger you’re going to get so much more uncomfy. The womb will begin to press on your spine and ribs, and to be honest, the pain it causes can be so uncomfortable that you’re going to struggle to sleep. So getting rest whenever you can during the day is so important. Not only will the pain cause you some lack of sleep, you’ll also be battling with the fatigue that the baby is causing you. Again, as they get bigger and bigger, they need more and more food and resources from your body. They’re literally sucking the energy right out of you. This is why so many people suffer from fatigue as their pregnancy progresses. So getting in a nap here and there will really help you, and the baby. It’s easier for them to sleep when you are.


Your diet is going to be one of your biggest friends with helping you through this pregnancy. As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, you’ll be instructed that it is best to stop eating certain foods. Kiss goodbye rich cheeses and medium rare steaks, you’ll only do you both harm. But, cutting out some of these foods, along with the obvious need to cut out alcohol will see you become a temporarily more healthy person. The only downside is you’re going to be craving the hell out of them until your little one pops out. Cravings are another thing you’re going to have to deal with. There’s the stereotypical pickle that most pregnant ladies seem to weirdly crave. But then there’s the downright strange, some women crave random object such as sponges. Just ride it out and try not to eat too many weird objects if that is what your body is wanting. Try and fill the diet with all the healthy greens, fruits, and well-cooked meats. Supplementing your diet with added vitamins during pregnancy is also so important. As we said during the rest paragraph, your baby is going to be taking all of your resources, so it is really common for pregnant ladies to have things such as iron deficiencies, this is only going to add to your stress and fatigue. Eating a well-balanced diet is not only going to support the growth of your baby, it’s also going to protect your own body.

Baby Classes

Definitely one of the more weird things you’re going to do during your pregnancy. There’s just so many classes for you to attend that is going to give you the vital information you need to raise your baby as well as you possibly can. One of the strangest is the breastfeeding class. You will have to wear a sort of upper body suit which will mimic a woman's bare chest, and they’ll then show you all of the different ways in which you can position your baby to feed. Yes, upside down is not one of them, but there’s pretty much every way under the sun apart from that that you can try it. If you’re not breastfeeding, there are other classes that can help you with things such as changing, starting a routine etc. You might think before your pregnancy that it all sounds easy, but as soon as that baby comes and you’re tired and it’s screaming, all sense of direction seems to fly out the window. It’s always best to have a bit of preparation. There are also prenatal exercise classes that can surprisingly help to relieve tension. Yoga has always been known for its relaxation properties, but when you’re pregnant it can work even more wonders by relieving stress on your mind as well as your body.

Having a bun in the oven is going to be stressful, but we hope the tips above have given you some guidance through your journey!


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