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Fill Your Evenings and Weekends and Make Money Too!

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If you are bored in the evening and find yourself sitting in front of the TV watching a box set for the millionth time, you need to shake things up. For many people, though, life is already expensive enough without adding weekday bar tabs or paying to do other activities. A balance is required.

This is where taking up a new hobby and transforming it into a side hustle could really change your life. You might still be watching TV as you craft but at least your mind will be active and you can see what you have achieved in the evening.

Here are a few ideas you might like to try.

Become passionate about your hobbies during your evenings and weekends and make money too! These tips will get you started!


Blogging is probably one of the easiest ways to make some money in the evening. You won’t need to spend much more than an hour a day on it and you can see some pretty good returns too. All you need to do is find a niche, pick a website name and you can get started. For full instructions visit:

The trick to creating a good blog is to write about something that interests you. Though you might think that an interior design blog would attract a lot of readers, if you don’t know your industrial minimalist from your mid-century modern, you should probably reconsider. Successful blogs are always created by passionate people so while you might be open to expanding later on, start small while you are finding your way.

Sites like Etsy are ideal for home crafters. There are all kinds of things that you can make and sell from funky t-shirts to rags rugs, scented candles to cake toppers and much, much more. If you have a skill you enjoy doing and an idea of how to scale up, you could see some great returns for something you would probably have been doing anyway.


Turning your craft hobby into a business is a great way to earn while doing something you enjoy, but don’t get too caught up in the fun. You will still need to make a profit on whatever you produce so monitor your spending closely and remember to factor in postage and package costs.

As crafting should always be fun first of all, don’t allow yourself to feel too pressured by the experience. Sell only when you are ready to sell. Until this is a full-time business, you have the luxury of simply enjoying the extra cash when it comes.

Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is a great skill to have and lots of people will pay good money for a beautifully arranged bunch. You can get started quite easily and only buy flowers when you have a commission and a deposit. So you don’t even need to spend until you know you will get a return.

Instagram is a great platform for florists looking to show off their work and build a following. Take some pictures of arrangements you have done for yourself and show them off as a way to build your business! From here, you just need to give an email address and encourage people to get in touch with their floral ideas.


Everyone loves a good cake and, just like a florist, you can wait for a commission before you make any investment into ingredients. Even a small list of flavors and toppings can draw a big crowd and if you make your prices competitive, you could be supplying anything from birthday cupcakes to wedding cakes quite quickly.

Again, there are a few other costs you will need to factor in: namely, the cost of having your oven on and the cost of delivery. Limiting your creations to the local area is a very good idea as this will allow you to make the delivery yourself.


If you love being out and about, gardening is probably a brilliant way for you to put your hobby to good use. While your own garden may look fabulous already, offering your services around the local area will give you more land to play with. Setting up a gardening and landscaping business is mostly a summer pursuit but if you have a knack for garden design, you might like to expand into this area over the winter.

Most people will be looking for someone who can simply maintain their garden and they are likely to have the right tools themselves. However, do consider other markets too. Get in touch with a real estate agent to tout your services to landlords looking to maintain their property and people looking for quick home improvements before selling.

Hair Dressing

Getting a good haircut usually means an expensive trip to a salon but plenty of people just want a quick trim to tidy things up between cuts. This is where the mobile hairdresser shines. Not only will you find yourself meeting your neighbors but mobile hairdressers often become good friends with their clients. There’s something about massaging someone’s head in the kitchen sink that forms a close bond!

Do be warned, though, that there is a big difference between learning to cut your own hair at home and cutting someone else’s. You must be a skilled hairdresser to even consider this route so a bit of training won’t go amiss.


Tutoring is the perfect way to share your gifts. Whether you are a talented musician, a brilliant writer or have a strange affinity to math, being a tutor is the best way to pass these skills along. Parents are always looking for tutors who can help their kids through school when they are struggling, but equally, there are gifted kids who need a little extra stretching.

But you don’t have to narrow your field. Adults are always looking for new activities and some people are just born to learn. Hosting classes for adults or one to one sessions is another ideal way to make new friends and get closer to your community. And since knowledge is free, all you are really giving up is your time.  

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