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Different Types Of Hip Pain

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Hip pain can be very painful. Below, we take a look at three different types.

There are quite a few different kinds of hip pain. Which one is bothering you now?


Bursitis is a condition that is often extremely painful and it can be highly detrimental to the normal function of the body, which is why you need to seek treatment as soon as possible.

What is bursitis? To understand this condition, you need to know what the bursae are – this is a small sack of synovial fluid that slides across the bone to ensure normal movement is easy and frictionless. Bursitis occurs when one or more bursa has become inflamed, which can make movement exceptionally painful and consequently very difficult, and, unfortunately, the problem only gets worse and worse as the muscles and tendons continue to move over the inflamed bursa, which aggravates the inflammation. This is something a lot of people experience during pregnancy or if you have become a surrogate. This highlights why it is so important to book an appointment with a physiotherapist as soon as you notice any pain, as you certainly don’t want to run the risk of the condition getting worse.

The most obvious symptoms of bursitis are pain, limited movement and inflammation while people can also experience tenderness and their hip can start to become stiff, swell and the area may even turn red and warm. Bursitis pain is often described as a dull ache, which can be made worse by pressure or movement, and you will also find it difficult to lie on the affected side of your body. In some cases, bursitis can occur through infection, which is septic bursitis, and this can cause additional symptoms, such as broken skin, a high temperature and feeling shivery, which can sometimes lead to surgical therapy.

Iliotibial band (ITB) friction syndrome

ITB is a thick band of connective tissue that stretches from the pelvis to the shin bone; it is not a muscle, as many people mistake it to be. As you have probably gathered by the name, ITB friction syndrome occurs when pain arises because of friction, which occurs during physical activity. The ITB is attached to the femoral condyle, which is a bony protuberance on the outside of the knee, and the repetitive sliding forwards and backwards can create excess friction, and this can be very painful.

ITB friction syndrome accounts for more than 20 percent of overuse injuries in runners. There are many different causes of ITB friction syndrome, yet it is something that is typically found in runners as well as those who engage in sports on a regular basis. Some of the most common causes include poor running technique, poor foot arch control, weak core muscles, weak hip rotators, weak hip muscles, endurance running, excessive hill training, a sudden increase in training intensity or mileage and weak gluteal muscles.

There are many different symptoms of ITB friction syndrome that you should be aware of. The most common symptoms affect the knee, including a burning or sharp pain as well as swelling, however, some people suffer from hip pain when they have ITB friction syndrome.

Hip Synovitis

The synovium is a membrane that lubricates the space between the bones; it works alongside cartilage for the purpose of shock absorption and reducing friction so that everyday movement is easy and pain-free. Hip Synovitis occurs when there is inflammation of the synovial membrane, which can be very painful and requires physiotherapy treatment to ensure a full recovery.

There are many different causes of this condition, including injuries from contact sports, inflammatory joint diseases – such as rheumatoid arthritis, previous hip injuries, damage to the synovium that is caused because of a traumatic injury and a direct blow to the hip. As the cases vary, many different people can suffer from this condition, and they can suffer in varying ways too.

There are many different signs and symptoms you should be aware of in regards to hip synovitis, including hip pain, which gets worse with movement, walking difficulty, referred pain to the knee joint, swelling and fever. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should book a physiotherapy appointment as quickly as possible because you don’t want to run the risk of the problem getting worse, as you could cause serious damage to your movement and function.


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There are quite a few different kinds of hip pain. Which one is bothering you now?
Different Types Of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be very painful. Below, we take a look...

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