Let’s Talk About Blog Hosting Services!

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I have been in the blogging world off and on since 2012. I have used MANY of the hosting companies that many bloggers suggest you use online. So, let’s talk about blog hosting services and who I recommend you use.

Why Blog Hosting Matters

First, let’s talk about blog hosting services and WHY they matter to you as a blogger! Who you select for your blog host is as important as who you select to marry when it comes to your professional blogging business.

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Services Your Blog Hosting Services Provide:

  • Keeping your site online visible for the whole internet
  • Ensuring your site is running at its top speed
  • Maintaining backups of your site for you IF it’s provided in their packages.
  • Providing you with storage space for your website needs.

The Blog Hosting Services I Recommend

I have been using Lyrical Hosting for well over a year now, and I highly recommend them!

I recommend them because they are a small business company that offers me way more than their competitors. I feel like they are a TRUE business partner for my blogging business. I’m not just another online site to them. They know ME and what my mission is with my blog. Shoot, they’ve provided tons of help support, and additional training to help ensure I’m headed in the right direction.

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Services Lyrical Hosting Provides That’s EXTRA Benefits for Using THEM:

  • NO Price hikes! What I paid last year is what I’ll pay next year!
  • My site speed is NOT throttled. So, I NEVER have to worry if a post of mine goes viral and hitting the panic button my site will crash. (That has HAPPENED to me, and it was HORRIBLE!)
  • FULL technical support. While they are NOT responsible for fixing every issue I encounter, they have not failed me once in any requests I’ve placed.
  • Blogging Community. They have provided a ton of ways for their customers to be connected and grow together. We have a Facebook group and a SLACK account. We can ask questions, share content together, and we even have co-working sessions (and they even provide contests for active members.)

This is just ONE example of the kind of wonderful customer service and HELP I have from their blog hosting services…

All of a sudden my Google Analytics completely stopped working this month. I knew I did updates to my site, so I know I messed something up. But I could NOT figure out for the life of me what. I thought I had it finally fixed, but only to find out that Google was only capturing PART of my visitors.

Thank you to all of those readers who leave comments!! You helped me see that I had a major problem! Not to mention, I LOVE getting to know my readers PERSONALLY!

I decided to break down and take advantage of the technical support they offer. I was just totally frustrated and at my wit’s end. I knew I was losing stats that I desperately needed to be able to showcase that this blog is headed in the upward direction.

See the LOVELY Response …

Hi Crystal,
Thanks for getting back to us.
No problem at all, I’ve adjusted those settings for you now 🙂
With regards to your GA4 property, now that it is connected to your UA property you should start to see data being recorded in that property again in around 48 hours time.
Lyrical Host Support

Please Note: I personally try my best to not abuse that feature they offer, but they have NEVER once complained about helping me and they are ALWAYS quick to respond and help.

Blog Speed Matters For Growth

One of the other reasons that Lyrical Hosting services make me super happy is because my site speed always remains high. I do my part by using ShortPixel to keep my images in check. I also check my site stats and look for issues that may arise and try to fix them.

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But one of the advantages to being a Lyrical Host customer is I also get access to the Lyrical Speed Boost course and a TON of other resources to help make my blog grow.

As you can see I’m quite pleased to be in a blogging partnership with Lyrical Hosting. They help make my site look good. I can rest assured that they will do everything they can to keep it running and I’m NOT alone in doing this.

Discount for my readers!

As a reader of Sharing Life’s Moments, you can get 10% off your first hosting plan payment.

Enter the code: sharinglifesmoments

Get started today…

Make the switch or sign up to use Lyrical Hosting as your blog host now.

Talk to me in the comments:

What blog hosting services are you using now? Are you getting these benefits too?

We appreciate every share we get because it helps this blog grow! Thank you in advance.

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