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6 Ways to Create a Cozy Home in the Winter

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When the leaves fall from the trees, and the first snow flurries coat the ground, you can feel the chill in your bones. It’s time to enjoy winter activities such as skiing and sledding. When you’re inside though, you want to enjoy a warm, cozy home. Plan ahead now and make sure your house stays comfortable and warm even when the air is frigid outside.

Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean your home has to be filled with cold tension. Here are six ways to create a cozy home in the winter.

Build a Reading Nook

Nothing says cozy like curling up on your favorite chair and enjoying the latest best seller. Build a reading nook that includes a comfortable place to stretch out. Keep your fuzzy slippers and a small table nearby. You’ll want a place to keep a warm mug of hot cocoa or tea. 

A magazine rack can hold your favorite reading material. Add throw blankets in other living areas, too, including the couch or loveseat where you settle in to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Add Warm Scents

Pumpkin spice and pine are only a few scents that can make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Try scented candles or plug-in air fresheners. You can also find electric wax warmers to add warm scents without using an open flame. Baking some chocolate chip cookies or an apple pie can also make your kitchen smell wonderful.

Clean Stuffy Air

When fall turns to winter, you won’t have fresh breezes flowing through open windows and doors. Since your windows will be locked up tightly during the cold weather, it’s essential to improve your indoor air quality. Purify the air that your HVAC system will recirculate through your home. 

Before the cold weather sets in, schedule an HVAC system maintenance checkup. You can complete any necessary repairs and avoid a possible system breakdown before the freezing temperatures arrive.

Add Throw Rugs to Cold Floors

Marble tile keeps your feet cool in the summer. During the winter, however, your kitchen and bathroom floors can feel like ice on your toes. Add some throw rugs to help keep your feet warm as you walk through the house. Decorate for winter with deep tones such as burgundy, navy, and dark green to match the season.

Keep Your Ceiling Fans On

You may think you should only keep your ceiling fans on when you need to cool off during the hot weather. When you reverse the direction of the blades, however, fans will push warm air down through the room to help your home feel cozy all day. Remember to keep your fans on to circulate heated air.

Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean your home has to be filled with cold tension. Here are six ways to create a cozy home in the winter.

Host a Wine Party or Game Night

Spending time with a group of close friends and family can warm your heart and your home. Invite others into your house to join you for a night of board games or a wine tasting. Break your group into teams and warm up with a friendly competition. Share good conversation and talk about your holiday or winter vacation plans over a round of hot cocoa or tea.

Leave the cold weather outside. Try the ideas above to create a cozy indoor space to enjoy with your family all winter long.

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