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6 Tips to Keep You Healthy At Your Job Desk

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Your health can be seriously affected by long hours of sitting with nothing to balance the inactivity. Unfortunately, most people who work in offices spend their time at work either sitting at the computer or sitting around tables in meetings. One needs to make conscious efforts to carry out some exercise from time to time. You can stand from the work desk and move around after every few hours. You could also go for a walk around the block during lunch breaks. Also, you must ensure your diet is sensible and contains lots of healthy foods for you to remain healthy and fit. You would also do with carefully prepared hormonal substances such as somatropina which will supplement your diet and workouts to keep you in good shape. It helps to reduce fats, promote muscles mass growth, and increase your energy levels.  In line with keeping fit and healthy, the following are some useful tips that you can use to improve your diet while holding a desk job.

Despite the fact that we work a desk job, we can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. It just requires being more diligent in the actions we take. Here are six tips to help you stay on the healthy track. What would you add to this list?

Make a tight friendship with your lunch box

Don’t fool yourself into saying that you don’t have time to prepare lunch, or that you don’t need a packed lunch because you won’t get hungry at work. Preparing a packed lunch can be quick and easy, and rest assured that you will get peckish after long hours of focus. Bringing your own packed lunch will not only save you some money but also ensure you maintain a good diet. You can also use the time you would have spent queuing going on a brisk walk or a quick workout to keep fit.

Drink water

Make an effort to stay hydrated. Many offices contain air conditioning which can play a factor in dehydration. Incidentally, the part of the brain that controls hunger is the same that is responsible for thirst. This, at times, causes people to mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating even when it’s not necessary. Drink a minimum of two liters a day on cool days. Increase this in summer. Check your urine for clues on your level of hydration. Aim for light yellow or almost clear urine. Drink more water if your urine gets darker.

Befriend fruits

The temptation to take snacks at the workplace is almost irresistible. Make fruits your go-to snack. Take three pieces of fruits and place on your desk. Make sure you do not go back home after work without having consumed those fruits. You will have avoided excessively sugared snacks and gained the benefits, like enhanced immunity, of eating fruits.

Put away the candy bowl

Some studies lead to the conclusion that caloric intake goes up with having visually accessible sweets, such as a candy bowl on the working table. It may not be wise to invade your colleagues’ private space and tell them to keep away candy jars, but you still have control over what you keep on your own desk.

Make walking while at work a habit

Just as you schedule for meetings at work, insert some regular breaks in your schedule for walks. You can try to do several 10-15 minutes brisk walks during your day. You will be surprised how by the end of the day you will have done a substantial amount of exercise.

Decrease your coffee intake

Drinking coffee is very common in the workplace. When done reasonably, it is good and enhances productivity. If taken excessively, it ceases being helpful and becomes a problem to the health due to the high amounts of sugar, fats, and calories added to the body. You may need to re-examine your coffee consumption habit and reduce the amount you take.

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