Teaching Your Kids to Respect School Rules

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Now that every student is homebound, it is the perfect time to lay the foundation to teach your children to respect the teachers when they return to school. I’m confident that many of you are seeing your kids and their teachers in a different light since you’re having to play the role of a teacher and parent for them.

It’s important to teach your children to respect the teachers and the rules in place at school. The better they behave in class, the more likely they are to succeed academically, while also learning crucial people skills. To help parents know where to start when it comes to teaching their children to respect the school, I have teamed up with a prep school in Chiswick.

Now is the time to teach your kids to respect school rules. Here are some tips for helping you to do that. What would you add?

Teach Them About Respect at Home

A good place to start is to demonstrate to your children the differences between respectful and disrespectful behavior within your home so that they start to understand what the concept actually means. Make sure that the rules in your home are taken seriously otherwise your child won’t understand how important they are. Try introducing rewards and punishments for when rules are respected or ignored.

Explain the Why

You might need to help your kids understand why rules are in place, to begin with, so that they know why I need to be respected. Explain to them that rules are created in schools to ensure all students are safe and happy in a positive learning environment. Without rules, children would be wreaking havoc around the building, making a mess and even hurting themselves.

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Do Unto Others

Explain to your kids that they should always speak to and treat others in the way that they wish to be spoken to and treated. Emphasize that this is especially important in the classroom where their teacher is working hard to help them succeed and should, therefore, be listened to carefully and obeyed at all times. You should also try and emphasize how valuable learning is by encouraging your child to always get their homework completed on time and always be punctual when heading to school in the mornings.

We as a society need to work together to change the way that our school systems are operating. I feel that teachers need to be given more freedom to discipline kids as needed. I also feel that parents need to be more involved in ensuring that their kids are doing the work they need to be doing.

What are some tips you’d add to help with teaching your kids to respect school rules?

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