Why You Need to Take the Stretch Yourself Challenge

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I’ve been in and out of the blogging world since 2012. I know firsthand how easy it is to be swamped with your own fears to not allow yourself the chance to grow your business. That’s why I HIGHLY recommend anyone who is having ANY doubts about their abilities should take the Stretch Yourself Challenge.

About the Stretch Yourself Challenge

Why You Need to Take the Stretch Yourself Challenge 1

This thirty (30) day challenge will help you get tons of content created. Kelly has over twenty years of experience in creating content that draws in readers. But what truly makes the Stretch Yourself Challenge worth every penny is the fact that Kelly will COACH you out of your comfort zone. She will help you to find your natural gifts and how you can best use them.

Why You Need to Take the Stretch Yourself Challenge 2

During this challenge you’ll cover these topics:

Challenge #1: Blog Your Expertise & Promote It Like Crazy!
Challenge #2: Create A Collaborative Blog Post
Challenge #3: Tackle A Dedicated Affiliate Promotion
Challenge #4: Tackle A Content Refresh
Challenge #5: Hold a Webinar To Grow Your List
Challenge #6: Host a Facebook Live Series
Challenge #7: Offer & Host A Group Coaching Intensive
Challenge #8: Create a Small & Mighty Gift Report
Challenge #9: Make an Intentional Connection
Challenge #10: Start A Facebook Group
Challenge #11: Gather & Publish Testimonials
Challenge #12: Host A Day Virtual Summit
Challenge #13: Choose A Live Event To Attend
Challenge #14: Volunteer/Apply To Speak Live
Challenge #15: Participate in a Bundle Sale or Giveaway
Challenge #16: Set Up A Tripwire Offer
Challenge #17: Start a YouTube Channel
Challenge #18: Offer An Open Phones Day
Challenge #19: Publish A Kindle eBook
Challenge #20: Help A Reporter Out
Challenge #21: Create A Content Upgrade

If you’re running a blog or really any other online platform, you will gain so much knowledge during the Stretch Yourself Challenge 2022.

You’ll also gain a strong community that you may be able to stick close to for the rest of your online journey. One thing I can say for Kelly, once you have her in your corner, she is always there. I worked with her when I had my old blog, and I still feel I can reach out to her at any time.

You can learn more about the Stretch Yourself Challenge by visiting the website. There will also be friendly competitions.

Do NOT sign up for this challenge if you’re not willing to put forth the effort. The cost is $97, but I’m willing to bank that if you DO put forth the effort you will gain more than you invested by a long shot.

Kelly is a bit blunt, but she’s honest and says everything with care. She has yet to steer me wrong. The communities she has built online are full of knowledge and help.

Our Live Challenge Is Like Being Wrapped Up In Big Empowering Hug ❤️

If information alone were going to be enough to transform your Content Marketing and take your business to the next level – hell, you’d have crushed it by now, right?

It takes SO much more than knowledge to bust out of ruts and STRETCH!

We need each other and a space full of positive energy.

This challenge will make you see things in a different manner. You’ll see just how UNALONE you are through all of this journey.

Don’t miss the chance to grow your wings and fly with a wonderful coach.

Just a side note: I’ll be knee-deep in this challenge too!! So we can do it TOGETHER!

I’m joining this challenge because I FULLY trust Kelly. She helped pull me out of a rut with my old blog. I’m definitely there again with this blog. I believe in her ability to coach me to the next level.

The more the merrier! I do thrive on good healthy challenges too.

Who’s joining me?

We appreciate every share we get because it helps this blog grow! Thank you in advance.

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18 thoughts on “Why You Need to Take the Stretch Yourself Challenge”

  1. The challenge sounds like fun! I would love to take part if I could draw really. I think such activities in general are very important for artistic type and they boost you and shake you up!

    • This is a great challenge, but this is not for artists. It’s for bloggers and online content managers. It’s a Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge. It will help us to grow our online businesses and stretch outside our comfort zones. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope to see you again soon.


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