I’m Down The Whole Crafting Hole…

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I have entered the whole crafting world! I have always longed to be a crafty person but always felt like I couldn’t make it happen. I’m terrible at drawing, and I don’t really do overly well at thinking up things to create. But I am good at sharing quotes, writing, and painting. That’s where my getting the Circuit Maker has made my crafting dreams a reality.

Christmas in July

Amazing Things I Can Make Now

The Cricut Maker provides me the opportunity to make all kinds of personalized gifts for family and friends. I’ve made custom shirts, custom gift bags, and wooden signs so far. I almost feel like my options are endless on the things that I can make now.

I'm Down The Whole Crafting Hole... 1

My daughter feels that this can be a great business opportunity for us. She has been pushing me to make projects almost every day that I’m off. We have mastered how to do so many things. The ideas just keep on rolling in for us. I believe if we stick with this we can make some spending money for us girls to have more memories together.

I'm Down The Whole Crafting Hole... 2

Resources Online

If you’re like me and always felt like you were just a “wannabe crafter”, that feeling can go completely away with the Cricut Maker. There are resources galore to help someone get headed in the right direction. There are YouTube videos filled with all kinds of tips and tricks. There are a ton of Facebook groups full of SVG files and connections.

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I feel like a kid in a candy store not sure what project I want to tackle next. I look forward to taking the time to make it all happen. It gets me excited to have something to share with you all too.

I miss having something worth sharing with you all on a consistent basis, but life has been feeling like it’s swallowing me whole lately. I have been battling depression something fierce again, and it’s been hard to stay out of the dark hole of it.

So tell me, have you joined the Cricut world already, if so share some of your projects. If you haven’t, has it ever been anything of interest to you? I’d love to hear your responses in the comments.

I'm Down The Whole Crafting Hole... 3
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