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How Too Much Homework Can Affect High School And College Students

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Homework for each of your subjects was quite understandable back when you were in middle school. The objectives of your teachers were only for you to acquire a studious disposition through a study routine. It was to help you prepare for the demand of schoolwork that higher levels would require. However, as you grow older and move on to high school and then college, too much homework can actually be counterproductive. Teachers should be aware that students at this level do not necessarily need a ton of homework to maximize learning. In fact, too much homework can produce the opposite effect.

Cause of stress

High school and college students have several classes that require different amounts of workloads and projects. Adding extra work to be done at home can be a cause of exhaustion for them. Exhaustion leads to stress which shows symptoms of a headache, sleep deprivation, weight loss, and stomach problems. With all these symptoms caused by extra work at home, the students would be unable to focus in class and work required in school. It’s a lose-lose situation for the student.

Too much homework can hinder emotional development

Instead of using their free time on hobbies or doing something they like, or spending time with friends and family, most students spend their nights alone in their room or library studying and doing their homework. This deprives them the chance to develop their emotional intelligence.

Do you have a high school or college student suffering in school? It could be due to the fact that they have too much homework. Here are is some arguments concerning this issue.

Inability to learn life skills

Because most time is spent doing their homework, students don’t get to experience the development of learning critical life skills such as better time management, emotional and social intelligence. They lack the time to explore and cultivate the necessary traits they need after graduating from school.

Focusing on the less important

Flunking a class, particularly having to repeat a year due to missed deadlines of homework submissions, is one of the most common reasons why students get so worked up on homework. Because of this mentality, students lose sight of what’s really important. They focus on just finishing the requirement, but sometimes, they don’t actually learn from it.

Say for example you are a college student who is majoring in Creative Writing. It is obvious that you wouldn’t need math to become a successful writer, right? But the university requires that you take 6 units of math. You sign up for math class and your professor gives you a load of take-home work. Instead of using the time to study what’s really important–for your creative writing majors–you instead use the time to finish the required math homework.

The time sacrificed to finish the less important can have major negative effects not only on a student’s emotional development but also on the hard skills they need to achieve their dream career.

Too much homework can be a burden especially if it is counterproductive for what you want to do and achieve in life. You need an assignment expert to help you with the bulk of your homework load. Seeking expert help can be just what you need to complete those math and physics assignments and focus on the subjects you really want to learn.

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