For me, 2017 was a year of change! Then 2018 became a year for growing and healing. As a result, I’m confident that 2019 will be a year of manifestation. One word that is high on my mind is MINDSET!

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When we believe we can make something happen we do it. When we stand up against the fear we feel within ourselves, we find that we are stronger than that fear.

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Hence once we change our mindset, we change our outcomes.

Our mindsets start with ourselves! What we think, feel, and believe determines what our outlooks will be. For example, if I think I’m not beautiful because I’m overweight then that will become my reality. Whereas, if I believe that even though I’m overweight, I am still beautiful. After all, true beauty starts from within, and I know that in MOST cases I leave someone with a smile on their face after spending time with me.

My one word has the power to change everything in a person's life. I'd recommend you come find out what it is so that you can reach your goals.

Finding the Positive Mindset

It is my mission to reposition my approaches to circumstances in front of me throughout 2019 and beyond. I am not going to make excuses for why something isn’t done. Instead, I’m going to find ways to make it happen. I’m going to be careful with the words I choose to use. That way, I’ll be saying what I mean and doing what I say.

It’s not quite as easy as it seems to do that in every aspect of own’s life. However, all of the people that I highly respect and admire to be like, definitely follow that motto to their being. I can say I’ve never seen them fail to do what they say they are going to do.

Power Comes from Within

Once a person decides to have a change in mindset, they unleash a power unlike any other. They almost have created a superpower. When our state of minds tells us that we can accomplish anything provided we have the will to do it, then we don’t let anything stand in the way of us making it happen.

It’s been said of me in numerous cases, “Crystal wants it, so she gets it.” That hasn’t been overly true of me for the past eleven years, but that’s also because a piece of me was dead inside. That part of me came to life at the end of 2017 and regrew throughout 2018. Now I can say that the seedling has sprung to life.

I believe in my abilities. I know what I’m capable of doing when I decide to put my mind to something. I also know that God is going to use my skillsets to his glory. While, I’m NOT 100% sure what that is at this point in my life, I sure that this blog does play a part in it. I also know that what is weighing on my heart and soul, is the other part.

It is with a conviction that 2019 will be my year to fully bask within the sun’s rays. I’m out to achieve making my success a reality. I’d like to have the chance to take you along on this journey to encourage you and support you to make your success a reality too.

What is your one word for 2019?

What success story are you going to write this year?


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