I have always found that Autumn is the best time to get things done. The joyous summer days are drawing to a close and as the weather gets colder, you’re likely to spend more time at home. This gives the best opportunity to work on yourself and your home. These are the things I’ll be doing with the extra time this Autumn.

Start a reading challenge

As soon as I see the first brown leaves falling, I stock up on books to cozy up with. There are plenty of challenges out there but my favorite is to make a list of 10 genres and then work my way through the list. This is a great way to branch out to new categories, writing styles and authors.


With the kids back at school, this can give you the perfect opportunity to clear out all of the extra stuff you’ve accumulated over the summer just in time for the big Christmas deluge!

If you’ve managed to fill your home with unnecessary rubbish during the summer then it’s a good idea to set aside a day to clear through room by room and sort in to separate piles for throwing away, donating and selling.

If you have anything with value then you can list on eBay to earn a little extra cash to put in the Christmas fund. There’s a good chance that some of the toys your kids have grown bored of could contribute towards their next desire! If you’re selling any larger items, you may want to get a quote from a man with a van to get the most competitive price.

Autumn has got to be my favorite season. Here are a few reasons why... Share me with my your favorite reasons.

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Up your cooking skills

Grab yourself a cookbook or two from a charity shop (while dropping off some of the stuff you cleared away earlier!) and try out some new recipes. Whilst trying out the new recipes, search YouTube for tips on how to prepare and cut your ingredients to up your culinary skills.

Learn how to make candles

Candles are an essential part of Autumn and Winter in our household. They make each room seem warmer and brighter and can be made at home in just a few hours. There are many guides out there and the ingredients can be fairly inexpensive and will go a long way. My favorite scents to experiment with are cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, and vanilla. Try to go for Soy based wax instead of beeswax or paraffin wax. Soy-based wax is biodegradable, renewable and clean burning. It also burns at a lower temperature so is much safer than paraffin.