I have been going through a rough patch lately, and I have had to rely on faith a lot more to get through everything. I have had to increase my praying time and time spent with God.  I believe it’s helped A LOT! I have felt God’s arms wrapped around me for the past couple of days. I haven’t had that kind of peace within my soul for a long time now. That’s why when Grace Hill Media requested my help with promoting the new CBS series God Friended Me on CBS Sept. 30th, I was eager to do it.

Making Time For God

The first change I’ve made is making time for God in my life each day. I have been using the YouVersion app. It’s definitely time well spent. Each day they provide me with a list of key verses to read. Plus, they have reading plans for almost any scenario. I’ve been worrying a lot lately, and as you know, God stresses that we are not to worry about yesterday or tomorrow. We are to spend our days worrying about now. I’m terrible at not doing that well.

As I mentioned in my last post, work has been a challenge for many reasons. However, I do feel God has put his hand into this scenario. I believe he will help guide me to fix it. If it doesn’t get fixed in time, then I believe he’s got a bigger plan in mind for me!

The truth of the matter is God wants us to be his friend already. He cares deeply for us! He LOVES us unconditionally. God has proven he’s REAL more times than I care to count in my life!

What if God friended you? Would you pay attention? Maybe you need a change in life. Learn more here!

God Friended Me Series

About God Friended Me
A podcast-hosting, self-proclaimed “pesky atheist who wants to make you think” (Brandon Micheal Hall) isn’t so sure what to think when he’s friended by God on Facebook and then poked to help strangers for reasons that aren’t immediately clear. The truth is there’s more to this story than our hero or anyone else knows.

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I encourage you to watch this show when it goes live. I believe it will be a family show worth watching together!