This past school year Jimmy was learning Pre-Algebra, and it was a struggle and a half. He never did fully grasp every aspect of it. Thankfully we were given a chance to review UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math this summer to help him get back on track with his Math skills.

About UnLock Pre-Algebra

Unlock Math Pre-Algebra helps your students grasp the Pre-Algebra concepts in short manageable lessons. Find out more here.

UnLock Pre-Algebra is made for students in 7th and 8th grades. This course is broken down into 16 manageable units. This is a full Pre-Algebra curriculum. This curriculum also includes teaching videos, testing, instant grading, and feedback. You ALSO get the ability to connect with a certified teacher.

This curriculum covers everything from whole numbers all the way to probability to statistics. The lessons are designed to be only 30 minutes long. Each lesson has a warm-up test, quick tutorial video, practice problems, stay sharp, reference notes, and challenge yourself sections.

My Review

Unlock Math Pre-Algebra helps your students grasp the Pre-Algebra concepts in short manageable lessons. Find out more here.

I initially gave UnLock Pre-Algebra to Jimmy to try out on his own. The videos in the lessons did not impress him one bit. The videos have a hand puppet in them, and as a result, it makes him feel like the teacher is trying to treat him like a little kid rather than the teenager he has become.

I had him continue to work with this program until he completed some of the lessons at least. I had hoped that this would help him gain his love of Math back. However, it didn’t because the biggest value he would have gained was the videos teaching him the information from a different perspective.

This program will still benefit him when I have more time to go through the material again WITH him. The reason it will is that this Math curriculum is still handy for me to have is because it is filled with all the resources I need to teach him the material. We didn’t have that when we went through these concepts before.

UnLock Pre-Algebra comes with a PDF that is like a textbook with everything broken down into manageable sections. It coincides with the unit lessons.  The different tests provide him and me with our results as we work through the sections. If we miss the problem we gain a full break-down on how it should have been done.

I also get to have reports showing that Jimmy has done the work. We have it in our records as well. This is beneficial for recorded keeping purposes.

Should I get stuck with helping Jimmy, we do have access to the teacher to help us. Other than the puppet portion of the videos, to me, they are quite helpful. However, I don’t really foresee me having an issue with getting stuck since I only need refreshers on the material in a clear to read manner.

The textbook portion of this curriculum makes this math curriculum well worth the $299 a year fee. The other aspects make it feel like an online college course.

Learn More About UnLock Math

You can learn more about UnLock Math products by visiting their website. They do also have UnLock Algebra 1, UnLock Algebra 2, and UnLock Geometry. If you use my referral link then you will save $50.00 off the cost of their curriculum until September 14, 2017.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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