Before being accepted on this review campaign with Homeschool Review Crew, I had not heard of Mapelle Films products. I’m completely thrilled to say I got the chance to review the Trust Fund movie and the Love Was Near book. These are products not mentioned very much, but they should certainly be in the spotlight more.

About Trust Fund

A modern day Christian movie about a 'prodigal daughter.' Find out more about this family movie here.

Trust Fund is a movie that is about a ‘prodigal daughter’ who made a few poor choices. It is like a modern day story similar to the prodigal son from the Bible. Reese is a young woman who dreams of becoming a writer. She finds out that there is a family secret that changes the way she feels about her father.

She leaves home. She chases after what she thinks is love. In the process, she turned her back on her father and sister.

My Review

I watched this movie with my kids. This movie was good. It was a bit long winded in certain parts of the movie. However, the movie was interesting enough to keep my interest.

The kids didn’t find it engaging enough for them. I think if I had teenage girls they would have found this movie more relatable. It wasn’t designed to appeal to teenage boys.

This movie teaches the viewers what true love really looks like. Love is a powerful emotion. I love how this movie shows it in subtle ways. I expected to see loads of preaching, but there was NONE.

In some ways, I found this movie to be a true representation of love between family. A family’s love should be unconditional and this movie truly reflects that.

Love Was Near

Love Was Near is a book that was designed to go with the movie The Trust Fund. This book is like Reese’s journal. There are also sections for me to write my own thoughts.

If I were still a teenage girl, then I’m sure I’d love to write in the book. It’s designed in such a way that a person could easily feel like they are writing a letter back to the author.

I like how this book was written as an afterthought. I know we all have certain aspects of our own lives that we regret. Sometimes we have to reflect on them in order to be able to let them go fully. This book showcases how healing that process can be.

Trust Fund Study Guide

There is also a twelve-page study guide that also available to go with these products. It provides scripture that is worth digging deeper into in relation to this movie.

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