Summer is here and with it all the joys it brings. Whether you save up all of your vacation time for summer adventures, or just stay at home, summer is guaranteed to be full of exciting things to do. Enjoy the outdoors, soak in the sun, and generally just try to get out there as much as you can. If you are enjoying summer at home, find things locally to do. If you are going abroad, make the most of it. From hanging out with your friends after work to backpacking around the globe, here are the top summer gadgets everyone needs:

From hanging out with your friends after work to backpacking around the globe, here are the top summer gadgets everyone needs:

A Portable Speaker

Portable or Bluetooth speakers are essential to any summer because they are so useful. You can enjoy them outside in your backyard BBQ party, or you can take them to your friend’s house, or you can enjoy some music up at your cottage when everyone is roasting marshmallows by a fire. The quality of sound is better than trying to play music from your phone, and their long battery lives mean you can enjoy some great summer jams no matter where you are.

A Sports Camera

Summer is the time of fun, and one of the best ways people have fun is getting out into the outdoors and being more active. These activities, however, are typically too dangerous to involve your phone in. Jet-skiing offers some incredible views that you might want to document, but there is no reason to risk holding your phone in order to it. Instead, pick up a sports camera. These cameras are small and made to be mounted onto different items, like a helmet or a jet ski hood. That way you can capture the best moments of summer, no matter how extreme.

An EBook Reader

Summer isn’t all about getting out there and living it up, either. It is also about lounging away and enjoying the peace and quiet (possibly while sun tanning). This makes it the perfect time to start reading again, and, if you plan to travel, there is no better gadget to read on than an e-reader. You could get a purpose-built e-reader if you want the paper experience, or you could download an e-book app for your phone. Either way, doing this will mean less space needed in your suitcase, and increased comfort when reading.

 An E-Cigarette

If you smoke, forgo the cigarettes this summer and switch to an e-cigarette or vape kit. Not only will this work out to be cheaper in the long run, but it is also more portable and more sociable, as the vapor produced by these electronic alternatives does not contain tar, and therefore doesn’t stick to clothes or stink. Switch things up with vapor mods to enjoy a truly unique experience perfect for you.

Summer is the time of fun, which means your gadgets need to be as portable and durable as possible. That way you can bring them with you wherever you go and enjoy yourself whether you are on a romantic picnic or at a lakeside cottage with a bunch of your friends.