Tips To Keep A Dog In An Apartment

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Desperate for a dog, but a committed apartment dweller? If you’re thinking about adding a dog to the family, whether to keep you company or to teach the kids responsibility, but you’re living in an apartment, don’t despair. There are ways to make sure a dog can live a happy, healthy life in an apartment. 

Owning a dog in an apartment comes with it's own challenges. Here are some tips on how to keep a dog in an apartment.


Make sure that your lease doesn’t ban pets before setting your heart on a dog. Speak to your landlord to see if there any rules or requirements for adding a dog to the property. If you’re apartment hunting, look out for somewhere that allows pets. Using local reports like this can make your apartment search much easier. 

Choose a sensible breed for apartment living. Even if you’re dreaming of a large breed like a Great Dane, keep your head and make a list of requirements for the ideal apartment dog. In a smaller space, a smaller dog will fit in better. Consider noise too, to avoid complaints from the neighbors. Opt for a dog that isn’t prone to too much barking. Remember your dog will often meet neighbors on the stairs, so think calm and good with people. A low energy dog is better suited to life without a garden, but make sure any dog you use is walked enough to make up for the lack of outside space. Good breeds for apartments include the Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier or French Bulldog.

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You’ll need to provide the dog with lots of exercises, so choose an apartment near to a good walking area, like a park. Consider how the dog will get in and out of the apartment, and how long it will take every time. Remember, you’ll be going in and out every time the dog needs a toilet break. If you don’t fancy going up and down the stairs all day, maybe a dog isn’t for you. 

Make sure any new dog is well socialized. If your dog gets upset by new people, the business of apartment communal areas may cause it to become stressed. Regularly introduce the pup to new people and take it out in busy areas to help it get used to the noise and smells of a crowd. 

Training is essential. In a smaller space, there’s no room for misbehavior. Make sure your dog has any undesirable behaviors, such as destructive actions or excessive barking, trained out. A doggy training school may be a great idea if you’re new to dog-owning and need some help teaching your dog to behave. 

If you’re at work during the day, think about your dog will manage without the option to go outside. It could be worth taking on a dog walker or dog sitter to go in a couple of times a day to let the dog out for a walk or a bathroom trip. This should help the dog from becoming restless, bored or lonely. A restless dog is more likely to take to barking and annoying the neighbors or to destroy your belongings. 

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