Considering this going to be my eighth year homeschooling my kids, I have learned quite a few little tips and tricks for homeschool planning. I’m confident that you’ve heard many of these ideas from other homeschool bloggers and friends. I hope that I put enough of a different spin on them that you still gain something NEW here too. It seems with each passing school year; we end up with a new classroom. I am pretty confident though that this year will be the last time we need to make a shift in where we set up our homeschool since Zeva will be officially on board.

Look For Sales and Savings

Back to school sales aren’t the only time that you can find a real bargain on things you need for school. I have been learning the fine art of using various apps such as Retail Me Not, Swagbucks TopCashBack , and Ebates. When you keep an eye on their deals and then get money back for them, it adds up to even more savings. What is nice is you can get money back from major retailers. If you’re anything like me, the idea of going to major retailers and going shopping is like having a needle stuck in my arm. Don’t forget to save your money for tax-free weekends if your state has those kinds of sales too.

I do love to go shopping in thrift stores. I have found that I can get many things I use to keep my rooms organized at next to nothing prices. I do have to clean them up, but what’s a little bit of dirt or paint when you consider the amount of money that is saved. Like for example, yesterday, I got storage carts for $3.00 a piece versus paying $40 at Amazon or Target. Granted, I never know what I’m going to find or NOT find at a thrift/habitat store, but I usually find some pretty neat things for my office in those places. We have gotten many of our shelves and organization stuff from them through the years. Not to mention our desks and furniture.

Curriculum Choices

We have spent a bunch of money on homeschool curriculum only to have it end up collecting dust because it didn’t work for our kids. It is quite beneficial to find out your child’s learning style. Most high-quality curriculum companies will offer your students the chance to try their curriculum even if it’s on a small scale. However, if you got my e-book then you know there are many ways that you can homeschool for free. Many resources in my e-book will help you determine what type of curriculum is worth using with your children.

Tips and Tricks For Your Homeschool Planning of all kinds. Make this year your best one yet.

Schedule Your Life

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be done from 8-3pm like it is in a brick-n-mortar setting. It ‘d be good if that were truly able to be done, but I have yet to manage to make that happen. This is because we own a trucking company AND I do attempt to get some blogging stuff done during the week too. Not to mention, the errands that have to be run throughout the week too. I do strive to have my kid’s school work done by 2 pm on days we don’t get interrupted, but it doesn’t always pan out that way. I have had to learn to be flexible with the amount of time we have actually to do school work. I’ve also learned how to make everything educational. Someone wise stated that everything we do could be educational. After all, isn’t the purpose of school to teach our children how to be prepared for the real life living? What better lessons than teaching them how to manage their time, working responsibilities, money, and even food and household inventory.


Stop The Doubts and Mommy Guilt

Dear Homeschool Mom, You are not alone in your thoughts and struggles. I have some important things to share with you. I hope you'll open my letter.

It is my hope that you’ll remember that we all go through the emotional roller coaster. I wrote a letter addressing this issue. I hope you’ll take the time to read my Dear Homeschool Mom letter before you leave.

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