Through my years of homeschooling, I’ve found that multiplication is a skill that my kids have struggled to memorize. Yet, I find this skill to be something that can help make or break their ability to conquer higher levels of Math. That’s why I’m glad that Delbert thinks it is fun to learn multiplication facts with Times Alive online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn them from Times Tables the Fun Way.

About Times Alive

Times Alive is an online program that helps kids to learn their time’s tables a fun way. This is a program that is made up of online lessons with animated songs and stories to learn times tables the fun way. Students learn their time’s tables from 0 to 9. This program can be used with multiple students, but NOT at the same time. It does require a constant internet connection in order to work. This keeps a record of everything that your child does. Times Alive is a program that consists of stories with number characters. Each story comes with music that kids listen to.

Here is a sample video:

My Review

I had Delbert do this program on his own. He didn’t ask for much help once I got him logged in. He stated that it was easy to follow along. It was so engaging that Zeva stopped playing to join him on doing “his lessons.” All of my kids love music with a passion! This program is filled with loads of music and they couldn’t get enough of listening to them.

Delbert did have some technical issues with this program from time to time. However, we found out their support center was quite helpful and quick to reply.

He had to redo his work twice. However, once we got the kinks worked out, he was able to stop and pick up where he left off. He liked the fact that he could use it anywhere he had internet access provided he signed out of the other devices. If we had wanted to put it on an iPad we could have paid a bit extra and downloaded their app.

It had fun activities for them to do together from coloring pages and timed quizzes. They also got to play drag the pictures games.

This is a program worth investing in having. Kids are able to finish this in a timely manner. It’s only $9.95 a month with an initial set up fee of only $6.95. This program is designed for students who are needing added assistance with learning multiplication by heart.

Learn More

You can gain more information about this program and the other ones that Times Table the Fun Way have to offer by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook. You can also check out their videos on YouTube.

Do you think your kids would love this kind of online lessons?

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