My typing speed has always been something that has amazed my family. They have all been eager to learn how to do it so that they can beat me. It was entertaining to see them fighting for the spot to take The Typing Coach Online Typing Course from The Typing Coach that I got to review as a part of the Homeschool Review Crew. Delbert was the lucky culprit who took it.

About The Typing Coach Online Typing Course

The Typing Coach is an online typing course that will allow a student to independently learn how to type well.

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is designed to be a self-paced course. It doesn’t have a recommended age group that should be taking this course. I believe it’s safe to say that students who are older than 6 can take this course without to much trouble. Some students may need some extra guidance though. The wonderful thing about this course is it appeals to all types of learners. They offer audio, video, and written guidance. This typing course is affordable too at only $17.00 per student.

The course itself is pretty easy to follow once you understand how it is set up. It teaches a student how to sit and use your fingers properly. You can see how much you’re improving from the beginning to the end.  It covers how to use all of the various keys on the keyboard.

My Review

The Typing Coach is an affordable online typing course that will allow a student to independently learn how to type well.

This is an online typing course that covers what I consider to be the basics of typing. I love how it appealed to Delbert’s desire to see how it’s done. He started out completely unsure of whether or not he could complete this course. Then he found out that it wasn’t as difficult as he thought to be able to type with speed and accuracy. It took him awhile to reach the 45 words a minute level without looking.

It was fun to compete against him while looking at him to keep him from glancing at his keys. It’s more challenging to pay attention to what you’re doing when you’re also staring at someone too. This is especially true for Delbert and I since we both don’t like to be stared at for extended periods of time.

As a mother, I did wish that it went into more detail of the various shortcuts he can do on his keyboard. I find that the shortcut keys save me loads of time throughout the course of my day. I do think it should be an automatic part of learning how to type as well.

Overall, I do think this course is a wonderful beginners course for someone wanting to learn the basics of typing. It covers all of the things that someone will need to get started. I do appreciate the fact that it’s set up without any gameplay involved. I think they could have included links to other resources for those students who do learn better through gaming. Also, this could be a valuable resource for parents to use to further encourage their students to complete the work. However, I do see why they may not want to do that due to fear of it being a competition between the two companies.

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