The opportunity to build a tech startup is greater than ever, with more than 77,000 new startups cropping up across the U.S. last year alone. In 2015, the nation’s 414,000 startup firms created 2.5 million new jobs according to data from the Census Bureau’s Business Dynamics Statistics. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to open a new tech-based startup, now is as good a time as any.

Best U.S. Cities for Tech Startups

If you’re a tech entrepreneur, these cities are the best for start-up opportunities. Get your business off the ground in these tech-friendly US cities.

Many people think of Silicon Valley as being the mecca for startups. The truth is that the home to many tech-friendly cities spread out all over the United States. Here’s a list of some of the best U.S. cities for up and coming tech entrepreneurs.

  • Austin, TX. The Texas capital recently was named the #1 place in America to start a business by CNBC. According to the 2016 Kauffman Growth Entrepreneurship Index, Austin grew its startups faster than every city except Washington, D.C., with their startups growing by 81.2 percent. That’s exceptional startup growth that other cities will find tough to match. In large part due to the University of Texas at Austin and other universities’ influence, Austin is known for having an educated workforce.


  • Boulder, CO. In 2015, called boulder one of the best places to start a business. An affluent urban hub, it is home to a number of high-profile companies, like Celestial Seasoning Teas and respected startup accelerator TechStars. In 2010, Boulder had 6 times more tech startups per capita than the national average.



  • Los Angeles, CA.  LA is a renowned technology hub, a friendly, thriving city for entrepreneurs. It’s the 3rd largest startup hub in the united states, behind Silicon Valley and New York. Cheaper than San Francisco, LA is home to a variety of respected tech companies like SnapChat.



  • Miami, FL. The Kauffman Index recently named Miami the second most entrepreneurial city in the U.S., with the country’s highest startup density, 247.6 startups per 100,000 people. With a diverse, highly skilled population, Miami is a thriving city just waiting for entrepreneurs to set up shop.




  • Provo, UT. Most people do not think of Utah as being a great environment for startups, but it is. Between a low cost of living and a business-friendly environment, access to venture capital, and a skilled, motivated workforce makes Provo a compelling option.



  • Las Vegas, NV. Startup activity is booming in Vegas, proving that they’re more than just gambling and shows. Home to the largest trade show activity in the country, the cost of doing business in Nevada is considerably lower than in other areas. This makes it an attractive destination for young professionals and tech entrepreneurs alike.




  • Denver, CO. Ranked 5th in the country for startup activity, Denver is an attractive location for tech companies year after year. 53% of its population holds a Bachelor’s Degree. Denver ranks first for a relocation city for skilled professionals ages 25-44.




  • Seattle, WA. For most people, when they think of Seattle, Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft comes to mind. And with good reason–Seattle is a major U.S. technology hub with a young, vibrant population and a unique atmosphere. Here investors will find plenty of venture-capital firms and economic development ventures, not to mention a slew of well educated young professionals.




  • Chicago, IL. Startups in Chicago make good bets for those who invest in them. In Chicago, 45 percent of investments produced 10 times a return on investment. Chicago’s numbers are routinely superior, with 81 percent of its startups producing between three and 10 percent a yield on an initial investment. Now wonder VC’s love Chicago.




  • Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh is one of the few cities in the US with both the means and the track record of success, to become the next Silicon Valley. The birthplace of the self-driving car and Uber, Pittsburgh is home to a large google campus and an unlimited amount of possibilities. Low cost of living and a large population of well-educated workers makes the Burgh a smart choice for a tech investor.




  • Philadelphia, PA. Forbes just ranked Philly at the 8th best startup city in the country. A convenient location, low cost of doing business and universities like UPenn (known for breeding entrepreneurs) makes Philly an ideal place to do business. Up and coming tech professionals will find plenty of opportunity for Ios app development in Philadelphia.


More metro areas are growing and changing, becoming burgeoning technology hubs. With large amounts of skilled workers and good paying jobs to offer them, it’s no wonder the tech field is growing exponentially each year.


If you’ve got an idea for a startup, these cities can help bring it to life.