When talking about food, people normally focus on the sense of smell and taste. They understandably want food to smell great and taste even better. As a result, cooks use all sorts of aromatic herbs and spices to make their dishes palatable.

While MSMU is not actively aware of it, eating is also a festive visual experience, and we have a strong subconscious response to it. What we see matters as much as what we taste or smell. This is why students of culinary arts spend time honing their food presentation skills. They play with garnishes and some even go to as far as food carving.

Paying attention to food presentation in your everyday meals can open a new world to you if you don’t consider the challenge of preparation very often. But if you’re curious about discovering an artform in your life, the information below can help you discover a whole new level of appreciation for what you eat every day.

It's been proven time and time again, that when food looks good people can't wait to eat it. Here are some other benefits you may not have thought about.

Pleasing visuals allow you to prepare for the goodness that’s about to come

In psychology, we have what we call as the halo effect. This phenomenon basically suggests that individuals who look good are also judged as good people. In a way, the goodness of their looks is carried over to their demeanor and personalities.

Research has shown that the same can be applied to almost anything. A dish that’s pleasing to the eyes will make onlookers think that it tastes good, too. When they taste it and realize that it really is good, their expectations are validated. This makes eating a lot more enjoyable.

However, be careful not to overdo the ornamentation. Be sure that you are still able to serve food that looks like what it is. If you serve steak, it should still look like steak upon serving. If this steak is grilled or barbecued, a good presentation tip is to leave grill marks on it. This allows people to expect the good old juiciness and tenderness usually associated with barbecued meats.

Remember, nothing is going to be more frustrating than tasting something that is totally different from what you expect.

Good presentations make the dish look expensive.

When a dish comes with artful garnishings, one can easily conclude that a good amount of time was spent preparing it. If you serve it to someone intimate, they will surely appreciate the amount of effort and care that went with the delectable meal.

Great presentations become a whole notch more useful when you sell the meals that you prepare. Put quite simply, people are going to be willing to pay a little more for well-presented items on the menu. They will think the one who made it has a culinary arts degree. This is precisely why food photographers exert so much effort in making food look great in photos.

Food that looks good can motivate kids to eat more.

There are kids that are just more difficult to feed, and many parents struggle with them. One good way to make mealtime more appealing to the little ones is to make their food look fun and exciting. The splash of fun doesn’t have to come from the food items themselves. It can also come from the utensils such as the kids’ spoons and plates. Because of this, eating items for kids usually, come in a wide array of colors and shapes.

What are some tips you would add to this list?