I joined the Sweet Progress Winter Galentine's Box Swap hosted by Mrs. AOK and Happy Pretty Sweet. It was my second swapping event with a fellow blogger, but this one was a lot more fun. I also felt like I could connect with the blogger I was paired up with. I was paired up with Crystal from Love More Live Blessed.

What is Galentine's Box Swap?

I had not heard of this type of thing before Mrs. AOK told us about it during our #SITSBlogging chat. I quickly jumped on board to do this event. They did a remarkable job of pairing people together that had similar interests and desires. We also had a budget of $20 to follow. I do try to send gifts based off what I think the receiver will appreciate, but I'm terrible at making money stretch unless I find an excellent deal at a thrift store or auction. I do also keep a look out for deals online too.

My Galentine's Box

Crystal certainly out did herself. She got a lot of nice gifts for me within budget (at least that's her story she's sticking too.😉 ) She probably remembers many things about me from when we co-hosted Home Matters Linky Party together.

Sweet Progress Winter Galentine’s Box Swap Reveal . #SPBoxSwap

As you can see from the image, she got me a load of goodies! She got me two kinds of coloring books. Mandalas are my favorite to color. One of them also has beautiful quotes in them, and I'm a quote fanatic too. You can clearly see that just by checking out my Instagram feed. As a fellow coffee lover, we each got each other coffee mugs. She also got me some delicious coffee. The candle she got me makes my office smell like someone is cooking a scrumptious delightful treat. The candies were good too. I haven't tried the facial mask yet, but I am sure I'm going take some time out to do that soon.

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It's needless to say that she made me feel truly blessed and spoiled rotten. It was an excellent combination of many of the things I love.

Join the Fun

You can sign up for the Spring #SPBoxSwap event HERE! As you can see it's fun and a way to connect with a fellow blogger in the online world.

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Be sure to check out what Crystal got in her post. Then you can see what everyone else got in their swaps by visiting Mrs. AOK.


Doesn't this look like a lot of fun?