With the Individual MembershipSuper Teacher Worksheets makes it easy to add supplemental worksheets for math, reading, and more! Right now, that’s something quite beneficial. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in the midst of trying to help the kids grasp a new concept and ran out of examples to use. By having this membership, I do not have this problem anymore.

About Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is an online printable resource for homeschoolers and teachers. There are printables for almost every subject and grade out there.

Super Teacher Worksheet is a program that has printables for many topics. Plus, it has worksheet generator tools to help also. Learn more here.
On top of that, if you don’t see something you’re looking for there are several worksheet generators available too. Some of the generator options include making flashcards, Bingo, and Word Searches, just to name a few.

You can obtain a membership to this site for $19.95 per year for individuals. If you’re a school interested the fee is only $300.00 a year.

My Review

The price of this program impresses me. It is an extremely reasonable rate for a number of resources that become available in one central location.

The database comes complete with letting you know what each item covers the Common Core Alignments. You can also choose to get your worksheet in English (USA OR CANADA) or Spanish.

I also have the ability to save any document I want to use in the future to my own online file cabinet. Plus, if a document is in the saved file, it is highlighted on the main search pages.

I used a good portion of the reading comprehension worksheets with my kids. They are quick to do and read. It helps keep my kids from being overwhelmed by the subject matter.

There are also timed Math sheets that kids loved doing while racing against each other. To my kids, that was just another Math game to play.

There are loads of other Math worksheets included in the mix as well. This is a valuable resource to have when you’re working with kids struggling in a particular topic on Math and need to come up with more problems to work through with them.

I love how there are spelling lists for grades 1-5. These lists are on par with the Common Core Standards as well. I love how they are broken down into easy to manage sections.

It’s much nicer when you can go through a book in full detail, chapter by chapter! Super Teacher Worksheet has chapter books that can be used as study guides for several major books including Charlotte’s Web and some of the Magic Tree House series.

This is a wonderful program to invest your money into. If you’re wanting to give your kids extra assistance then this is something you won’t want to pass up for $19.95.

You can learn more about Super Teacher Worksheets by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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