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Summer Self-Care Ideas for the Overwhelmed Mom

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It seems like this school year has been going on for a long time (maybe forever….). These last few weeks of school have been long. Play practices, tests, homework, field trips, and end of the year activities with tired and cranky kids, it’s enough to make a mom feel overwhelmed and ready for a break.

With the start of summer, our routine will slow down. We will have time to focus on fun activities for our kids. Play games, go to movies, visit parks, take a vacation. But after an extended school year, we also need to take time for self-care for mom.

3 Ways to Add Self-Care to Your Day

Every Mom needs time for herself. Here are some summer self-care ideas for the overwhelmed mom. Which one are you going to use?

Use Margin Time

Throughout our day, we have 10 and 15 minutes of margin time.  We might be waiting in a doctor’s office or for our child after practice. Utilize the margin time in your day for self-care and to revitalize.

The next time you are waiting for 15 minutes do something you enjoy. Read a book, enjoy the sunset if you are outside, call a friend and just chat, or listen to your favorite music.

Designate Your Own Quiet Time

To establish a self-care routine, choose a set time every day for your self-care. Your designated self-care time might be early in the morning before your kids are up or late in the evening after they go to bed.  Naptime is also a great time for moms to have a break.

Review your daily schedule and choose a time that will help you relax and rejuvenate.  Maybe that means getting up a few minutes earlier or maybe create a 15-minute quiet time for everyone mid-morning.  It doesn't matter when you set the time, but that you find the most optimal time that will provide you the most benefit.

Plan Ahead

Recognize sometimes during the day are more stressful like mid-mornings or afternoons when the kids seem more active and you need more energy. Plan your self-care time before these high energy times, so you will feel rested and ready to handle the extra activities.

Many times I don’t think it’s the kids are behaving bad that frustrates us, but they are loud and rowdy and more active than we are. They always want to be doing something. Plan your quiet self-care time before these busy times, so you don’t feel deprived.

Summer Self-Care Ideas

Every Mom needs time for herself. Here are some summer self-care ideas for the overwhelmed mom. Which one are you going to use?

During the summer, our schedules can be more relaxed and the days are longer. It just feels like we have more time for the activities we enjoy. Here are a few ideas for self-care to enjoy during the summer:

    • Enjoy a sunrise or sunset sipping your favorite coffee or tea (hot or iced – your favorite)


    • Read a fun book outside (preferably in the shade, in a hammock)


    • Take a walk in the cool of the evening to let the day unwind


    • Spend time on your favorite hobby (sewing, bird watching, scrapbooking). When we have kids, we spend time on their favorite hobbies and activities but don’t forget to work your favorite hobbies too.


    • Create a new summer recipe to share with your family (if you enjoy cooking)


    •  Adult coloring is a way to be creative. It will help you relax, and it’s a fun activity you can do with your kids too. Get started with this free inspirational coloring book.


    • Have a Girlfriend’s night and enjoy a movie under the stars (or go to the local drive-in and watch your favorite chick flick).

This summer take the time to rest.  Summer will be over quickly, and it will be back to school and homework and all the many activities before you know it. Take time and breathe slowly this summer.

Talk to me in the comments please:

What’s your favorite self-care activity during the summer?


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