One of the greatest joys I had growing up was checking out what was in my stocking at my Dad’s house. My step-mother and father would fill them to the brim with many wonderful goodies. Stockings aren’t overly filled in our home now, but that’s because I had forgotten about how much I loved my overflowing stocking when I was a kid until Momma brought over these Stocking Decoration Ideas for Christmas. Now I’m eager to go to the Dollar Tree to get stockings for my other two kids and also get a bunch of goodies to go in them.

Stocking Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Kids Stocking

The first idea is for kids to have the ability to decorate their own stocking with a collage of Christmas theme things. All you have to do is get a regular stocking from Dollar Tree. Then you take scrap Christmas theme material and let your kid make their own collage on the stocking. If you want they can “paint” the white part with glitter and write their names on it.

Adult Stocking

Directions are per mother-in-law

The Granny Christmas Stocking is a bit more challenging to make. This is a crochet project. I made out my pattern on paper. Then I determined how many Granny squares I needed for this pattern. In this particular pattern, I needed 16. Then I made my 4*4 size Granny squares. I started at the top putting three squares stitched together. Then on the next row, I put three more squares moving around so not the same pattern. On the third row, I put three more squares. Then on the fourth row, I did three round and 1/2 of square for a corner of the boot. Last round goes to one square and put 1/2 square only look like it is whole square and two squares for the toe.

I hope you liked these ideas. I hope they help to make your home look more Christmasy.

What is your favorite childhood memory from Christmas? 

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