Discussing purity with your teens is a lot easier with Abby Ludvigson‘s program, Sex by Design. This topic is very near and dear to my heart because of my past. I want to ensure that my kids fully grasp the value of having sex during marriage only.

About Sex by Design

Sex by Design is a program that you want to go through with your teenagers. It will help you reshape their mindset about sex.


Sex by Design is a home-based Biblical study course. Abby share’s her own personal life experiences throughout the program. There is a workbook for the teens to fill out as they go through the DVDs.

Abby has also provided in the parents guide additional ways to discuss things further. She has also rounded up many books and other articles for us to read for more details.

You can obtain the film series set, which includes DVD, teen workbook, and parents workbook, for $55.00. The parent guidebook is $16.00. The teen guidebook is $14.00.

My Review

The Sex by Design feels a lot like a Beth Moore’s Bible study for women. I think that helps to keep my friend’s teenage daughter from feeling uncomfortable while going through this program. She was made to feel like an adult instead of a “dumb teenager being preached to about sex.”

I was rejoicing when her daughter saw this study guide and requested to do it on her own. I was putting it off because I was concerned about diving into this major topic with her. Yet, God knew what he was doing.

This course covers every aspect of sex that many parents tend to not think to cover. Abby does a remarkable job of helping the viewers to see WHY they need to wait until they are married to have sex. I think this message has been all around us lately. We listened to a sermon about following our WHY first. Then we got a devotional book that also talked about us following the motto of  “You do YOU” mentality and standing behind our beliefs.

Abby dives into staying pure in a sexual culture. She even talks about the costs we will pay for choosing to be sexually active PRIOR to marriage. She helps teens to know HOW to date as a Christian. She dives into WHAT people should wear. She covers why pornography is something to be avoided. She finishes outs the course by talking about obtaining a secondary virginity.

This course is good for both girls AND boys. As a user though, I do see that it’s going to be something a girl will appreciate more than a boy just because of how it’s presented. We tried to get my oldest son to join us, but he didn’t want anything to do with this program. After we started doing it, I realized that I don’t think he would have really paid it much attention. It feels too much like “girl talk.”

This course truly isn’t sexual HEALTH education. It is more about helping our teens to prepare their hearts and souls for the fact that they need to WAIT to have a sexual life until after they are married.

Overall, I truly appreciate this home-based Biblical study.

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