The Bahamas is the first tourist destination comes to mind when you are planning to spend some time relaxing by the beach. There are many individuals who are planning to visit the Bahamas but they are not sure which place would be the best for them. This year you should try visiting Nassau and Paradise Island. It has some of the best tourist destinations where you will spend the best days of your life. Think about the serene, pristine beaches that you can have all to yourself. Isn’t that the dream vacay? Whether you’re traveling as a couple, family or even alone, there is something for everyone in Nassau and Paradise Island.

Another benefit of visiting Nassau and Paradise Island is that you will easily come across several Nassau vacation rentals. You can book the vacation rentals and spend the life in the island like it is your house.

If you are looking for things to do around this dreamy island, here are some of the amazing activities that you can enjoy.

This year you should try visiting Nassau and Paradise Island. It has some of the best tourist destinations where you will spend the best days of your life.

Enjoy the amazing cuisines

Some people travel for the love food. If you are one of them, then your trip to the Bahamas is surely exciting. The Bahamas, an island aggregate in the Atlantic Ocean amongst Cuba and Florida, offer a one of a kind mix of worldwide dishes reproduced with Caribbean taste, tropical pizazz with amazing seasoning. A great assortment of easy-going diners, individually cafe and roadside drive-thru slows down serving new cuts of meat and freshly caught fish mean you’ll be splitting hairs to make a decision with regards to choosing from the menu. Spoiler alert, everything is great on the menu! You can easily try one unique dish for every meal.

Bahamian Food tours are the best

This year you should try visiting Nassau and Paradise Island. It has some of the best tourist destinations where you will spend the best days of your life.

Well, since we are talking about food already, why not make the best of it. If you are tight in time to try out all the amazing dishes of the Bahamas, the best way to experience it all is by joining a food tour. This way, you can scour the islands and visit six diners in downtown Nassau on a three-hour meal tour visit with Tru Bahamian. You will have the chance to try out local neighborhood dishes and typical family meals for a great knowledge into the tropical Caribbean sense of taste.

Atlantis Paradise Island is a tourist point you cannot miss

When traveling with kids or you simply want to make friends with the marine creatures, head over to Atlantis Paradise Island. This water-themed resort complex is one of the fundamental attractions in the Bahamas, known for its coral reefs, experience marine life, exciting water parks, and saltwater tidal ponds, which are home to in excess of 50,000 marine creatures. Atlantis Paradise Island offers six diverse visitor private decisions, a clubhouse and an excitement quarter, the chance to swim with dolphins, a green and a spa, nearby the Marina Village retail territory with its neighborhood keepsakes and extravagance planner boutiques.

Do not forget to visit downtown Nassau

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Unlike some places, downtown Nassau is a sight to see in itself. It’s something that exhausts you but immerses you in a charming feel of the village. Unwind in style at the extravagant Graycliff Hotel, which includes five-star fine eating restaurants, spa desert garden with a sauna, amazing pools, and an extravagance Jacuzzi.

You can also drop a visit to the wine basement for premium wines or attempt the famous stogie benefit where you can investigate, test and purchase extravagance bespoke-moved stogies – and even figure out how to move them yourself.

The private island

The Sandals Royal Bahamian comprehensive five-star resort is renowned for more than its outstanding worldwide name. The grown-ups just resort is the ideal escape for couples, particularly lovebirds. Unwind and appreciate the landscape and extravagance courtesies on a restrictive extravagance seaward private island held for Sandals visitors. Your trek is certain to be paramount as you investigate this quiet corner of the Bahamas, loaded with sentimental experiences, unwinding spa offices and claim to fame eateries.

Pirates of Nassau and the amazing museum

Ever heard of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’? It’s a great movie about the adventures of the infamous Jack Sparrow in the Caribbean. But this is a just movie (which I highly recommend for you to watch if you have not). Historically speaking, a number of real pirates had set foot in Nassau. Old records at the historical center on Nassau Paradise Island gives a knowledge into the universe of the privateers who much of the time worked out of Paradise Island in hundreds of years passed by. On the docks of downtown Nassau, guests can bounce on board a copy of a privateer vessel and appreciate the swashbuckling background of life adrift.

Explore the wildlife

Take yourself into a multi-day excursion to the Zoo, Ardastra Gardens, and Conservation Center, home to more than 300 reptiles, birds and animals for an intriguing take a look at the island’s wonderful natural life. You’ll find species that you may only find these places. It’s a great day out with the kids and for those you love the wildlife.

Make sure that you properly plan your trip to the Paradise Island. You will surely enjoy your time because there are a lot of things you would like to explore. From food excursions to waterparks to private island to wildlife, there is for sure something for every type of traveler to Nassau and Paradise Island.